Did Ksoo Kill Bibby? Still In Jail For Adrian Gainer In Jacksonville Florida

 American Rapper Ksoo Is Charged For Murdering Two Rappers, Bibby, And Lil Buck, In 2019 and 2020 Respectively ( Source : Open )

American rapper Hakeem Robinson, known as Ksso, is charged with murdering another rapper, Adrian Gainer, aka Bibby, in 2019.

After being accused of being responsible for Lil Buck's death earlier in the year, Ksoo has been detained in the Duval County jail for about two years as of September 2020.

Did Ksoo Kill Bibby?

The artist, whose actual name is Hakeem Robinson, is accused of killing Lil Buck in January 2020 and Bibby in February 2019. Police suspect that the two guys were killed by the Jacksonville native in separate gang-related incidents. At the Hilltop Village Apartments on West 45th Street, they said Ksoo shot Bibby.

Hakeem Robinson AKA Ksoo Has Pleaded Not Guilty To The Two Separate Charges Of First-degree Murder
Hakeem Robinson AKA Ksoo Has Pleaded Not Guilty To The Two Separate Charges Of First-degree Murder ( Source : Youtube )

Ksoo showed up for a bond hearing in a Duval Court one week before the two murders were indicted. To further support the hefty bond, the prosecution presented Ksoo's 2021 song and music video, Been Dead, in which he boasts about killing people.

Rapper Ksoo Is Still In Jail For Adrian Gainer's Murder

Ksso is accused of killing two distinct people in two different years. Even with the latest charges, the rapper's family believes he is innocent. Shay Robinson recently spoke with the press in front of the Duval County Courthouse and claimed that her sibling was innocent.

She expressed her satisfaction with the judge's thoroughness and stated that she had spoken to both sides over the years. Shay claims that the judge treated her brother's case fairly upon hearing it.

Rapper Ksoo is currently facing two first-degree murder charges. According to the police, Robinson killed Charles McCormick in 2020 and Adrian Gainer in 2019. In addition, Abdul Robinson Senior, the father of Robinson, has been charged with accessory to murder, and Abdul Robinson Junior has been charged with murder. Before being arraigned in court, all men must make a second appearance.

Rapper Bibby Murder Timeline

Robinson had spent nearly two years in the Duval County jail after being previously charged with second-degree murder in those incidents. The most recent indictments happened as Robinson's attorneys were pleading for his bond to be lowered so that the head of the record label to which he is signed would be able to cover his bond.

Robinson's bond was about to be reduced by Duval County Circuit Court Judge Tatiana Salvador when the indictments were made public, rendering the bond a moot point. Robinson will continue to be imprisoned. Given the new charges, he might spend the rest of his life there.

16 Year Old Adrian Gainer AKA Bibby Was Shot Dead By Ksso In 2019
16 Year Old Adrian Gainer AKA Bibby Was Shot Dead By Ksso In 2019 ( Source : Youtube )

Robinson's attorneys claim that the state's strategy to prevent their client from being released from custody is why they are not surprised by the new charges. After being charged with murder for the shooting death of Charles McCormick, 23, on January 15, 2020, Robinson was placed in jail on a $1 million bond.

When the state revealed a new murder charge, Robinson's record label, Cinematic Music Group, was in the middle of trying to post the bond. This time, Robinson was accused of murdering 16-year-old Adrian Gainer Jr., also known as Bibby, on February 25, 2019.

Is Ksoo Dead Or Alive?

Ksoo is currently at Duval County jail as he is charged with the first-degree murder of two different individuals in 2020. He has denied all the allegations against him, and his family also believes in his innocence.

ATK and KTA, two competing gangs, are currently engaged in a violent conflict in Florida. Rapper Yungeen Ace is the leader of ATK, while rapper Foolio is in charge of KTA. This feud is being covered by dozens of YouTube channels around the nation.

Robinson has collaborated with Yungeen Ace on multiple music videos where the two rap about guns, bloodshed, and murdering their opponents while wearing diamond-studded jewelry with ATK badges.

It's hard to pinpoint precisely when this infamous hip-hop feud began, but specific notorious Jacksonville killings memorialized in popular rap music videos undoubtedly contributed to the problem.

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