Did John Mcafee Really Faked His Own Death and Is Still Alive In Texas? Is He Still On The Run?


John McAfee, a British-American businessman. ( Source : instagram )

John Mcafee's death was widely spread but now his girlfriend believes he faked his own death and is still alive.

Mcafee's death circulated in the June of 2021 when he reportedly took his own life in a Spanish jail. He was awaiting US extradition on tax evasion charges when he took his own life.

However, recently a new hoax has been going around claiming that Mcafee is still alive and he faked his death. While some people believe this theory, many are still confused by it.

Did John Mcafee Really Faked His Own Death and Is Still Alive In Texas?

According to John's ex-girlfriend, he is still alive and faked his death. She believes that he is currently living in Texas, United States, and is on the run.

John McAfee's ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera.
John McAfee's ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera. ( Source : ctptimes )

In the Netflix documentary titled, Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera claimed that she received a phone call two weeks after his death.

The phone call was from John and he explained that he faked his death and only a few people know about it. He also asked Samantha to run away with him and there were only three people that knew he was still alive.

The news made headlines and people started losing their minds over this story. There have been a lot of conspiracy theories going around about celebrities faking their death. John's story has also gotten a lot of attention and people want to know the depth of this story. 

However, for now, the story has only been heard by Samantha's end, and nobody else knows more about this situation. 

Why Did John MacAfee Fake His Death?

Samantha Herrera, McAfee's lover when living in Belize in 2012, made the accusations in a new documentary about McAfee's last years. The disputed antivirus mogul fled from Belize after being declared a person of interest in his neighbor Gregory Faull's death.

Herrera believes that he faked his death because he did not ay the government and they were after him. McAfee was able to return to the United States safely thanks to Guerra's assistance and despite suffering a heart attack in Guatemala City.

According to the film, he soon ended his relationship with Herrera and married Janice Dyson, a former prostitute from Miami. However, there is no proof to back any of these things up.

Is John McAfee Still On The Run?

John's ex-girlfriend believes that he is still alive and living in Texas. She believes he is still on the run and people are not aware of it yet. However, there have been no leads on the case yet.

She claims that he faked his death outside of the country because it is easier and harder for people to track his death. However, how much of this information is true, is still a mystery to us.

McAfee could be dead or alive until there are new leads on the case. For now, we can take the information with a grain of salt until something comes up. McAfee was a British-American businessman, computer programmer, and presidential candidate. He is most renowned for his first commercial anti-virus software.


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