Did Frank Fritz Have A Stroke? Wikipedia Bio And Health Update Of The Reality Tv Star

Frank Fritz Was Hospitalized After He Had A Stroke ( Source : The-Sun )

Frank Fritz, the former co-host of the show American Pickers, has been hospitalized after he suffered a stroke. Fritz's former co-star, Mike Wolfe, announced in a statement published on July 25 that Fritz's privacy during the recovery from the stroke is crucial.

Wolfe revealed on Instagram that Fritz (56 years old) had been hospitalized after he fainted because of a stroke. In the post, he addressed that he had been very private regarding Frank's life. However, he mentioned that he prays more than anything for him to make it through the condition. 

According to a health update shared by his former co-star Mike, Frank needs breathing room to recover from the cardiac arrest. He addressed everyone to keep Frank in their thoughts and prayers to help him recover.

Did Frank Fritz Have A Stroke?

Former American Picker star Frank Fritz had a stroke on July 14 and was hospitalized shortly after his friend called 911. According to The U.S Sun, his friend found him lying on the floor of his home in Iowa and called 911 before 11 am.

Frank's father, Bill Fritz, mentioned that his son is in stable condition now. His father resides in Texas, while Frank lives in his farmhouse in Iowa.

About a year ago, American Pickers star Fritz stepped away from the American Pickers to deal with health problems. He needed back surgery to recover from his issues with his back. 

American Pickers Former Host Frank Fritz Bio

The American Television host Frank Fritz was born on October 11, 1963. He is well known as an antique collector for working in the American reality television show American Pickers on History. Frank worked for more than ten years in the program. 

As a kid, frank loved collecting rocks, beer cans, and stamp posts. As a result, he gained experience in collections before becoming an antique expert. 

Frank graduated from Bettendorf High School, Iowa, in 1982. After, he attended the Sudlow Intermediated School and did not pursue a college education.

Frank Fritz Health Updates: Is He Still Alive Or Dead? 

The 56 years old Frank was found sprawled on the floor in his farmhouse in Iowa. His friend called 911 from the star's house on July 14, mentioning he was lying on the floor. 

The American Pickers star Mike Wolf mentioned that Frank is recovering from the stroke and seems to be doing well so far. However, he pleaded with fans to pray for his good health and continue respecting former co-star Frank Fritz's privacy.

Frank is alive and recovering from a stroke, his father Bill informed The Sun. Frank mentioned in an interview with the Sun that he does not want to talk to Wolfie because he did not ask about him after his back surgery.

Frank was in rehab for alcoholism before he left the set of the History Channel's antique show American Pickers. 

Frank is alive and needs time to heal. However, considering his health problems and situations, he might not make it.

Frank has been in hospital recovering since he was admitted after the stroke. The co-host has not appeared on social media since the day and is recovering.

Is American Pickers' Star Frank Fritz Married?

According to Distractify, Frank has been in a long-term relationship with Diann, whom he periodically posted photos of on his Facebook page. However, it is uncertain whether he is married or not.

Frank Fritz With His Ex-Girlfriend Diann ( Source : Distractify )

However, in December 2016, Frank shared a picture of Diana, her daughter Paige, and Paige's daughter Eulalia, referring to the infant Eulalia as his granddaughter.

The antique dealer later confirmed that Diann's family is his family. He also added that he is not married. However, the couple broke up around 2019, according to sources.


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