Colin White Injured In Ginetta Crash Accident: What Happened To Him?


Colin White is 65 years old. ( Source : instagram )

British racing driver Colin White from Glastonbury, Somerset, got into a rather ugly accident during his Millers Oils Ginetta GT4 SuperCup race at Thruxton. He was injured along with Mike Brown on the same day.

Colin presently competes with his own CWS Racing squad in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup. He is also well-known for his vast career in stock car racing. From 2001 through 2007, he competed in every ASCAR season, winning the title in the final one.

Colin White Ginetta Accident: Racing Crash Update

An unfortunate accident took place during the Ginetta  GT4 Supercup race held at Thruxton, clearly injuring the racing driver Collin White.

This past weekend at Thruxton, the new Ginetta G56 GT4 made its first-ever appearance at the fastest circuit in the UK for an eagerly awaited trio of races. The result was the fastest laps of one-make Ginetta racing ever produced. 

According to the statement provided by the official Twitter page of Ginetta, car number 78 and car number 20 got injured in a car accident, as a result of which Collin White and Mike Brown were taken to the hospital to stabilize their condition and provide the care they required. 

On the other hand, netizens are quite concerned about the incident and are praying for the racers' speedy recovery. This was an intended mishap that could sadly not be avoided by the safety team present during the match. 

Vincent Bruins tweets, "I don't have access to ITV, so I haven't seen anything, but I heard Colin White had a huge accident in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup race at Thruxton. What happened, and is there any news on his condition? The tweets I'm seeing are very worrying." 

Similarly, motorsport Jonty's corner tweets, "Hoping for the best possible news from Thruxton. Horrendous crash and unknown conditions at this time for Colin White and Mike Brown in the Ginetta race."

Who Is Colin White's Girlfriend? Racing Driver's Love Life

Colin White has been married to his girlfriend/wife for a long time now. The couple is blessed with two grown-up daughters as well. After the news broke out that the Ginetta racer got into an accident, the media has been digging into his personal life and are in search of his love life. 

If you look at his Instagram account, we cannot see that he has a beautiful wife. In fact, his account is handled and run by his daughters, Charlotte and Karla. 

On 27th December 2019, there was a post made on the profile that featured him with his two girls. The caption said, "Merry Christmas, everyone from Colin White, his family, and the CWS Racing Team. Thank you to everyone for all of their support."

Both Karla and Charlotte have a private Insta, but we can get to know about them through their bio. Charlotte is married to her husband, Jordan, and has a son called Ruben. The cute family also owns a dog, Harley. All of them enjoy their time in the pool in her display picture. 

Similarly, Karla is committed to her partner name George, and even they can be seen madly in love with one another on her display image.

Apart from all this, Collin's wife's name has not been revealed anywhere. However, her picture can be found on Collin's social media. They seem to be happily married for ages now.


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