Chris Piastri: Meet The Parents Of Oscar Piastri

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Chris Piastri: Meet The Parents Of Oscar Piastri

Oscar Piastri, a young Australian racer and the son of Chris Piastri, made a shocking announcement when he said he will not compete for the Alpine Formula 1 team in the upcoming season.

Fernando Alonso, who was ahead of Oscar in line, was promoted to the major leagues after receiving a multimillion dollar offer from Aston Martin.

He claimed in a tweet that he had no knowledge of the situation because the executives had not discussed it before making their public announcement. As he had declined to continue working with them, he also acknowledged that the contract did not go beyond 2023.

What are the names of Oscar Piastri’s parents?

Chris Piastri and his wife Nicole Piastri are Italian-born parents of Australian racing driver Oscar Piastri.

They were his main supports and motivators as he was growing up, and he dedicated his successes to his cherished mother. When he first began his racing career, it was his father who introduced him to go-karts and taught him the fundamentals of the sport.


“I made a promise to myself early on that if I made it into Formula One, I would do so on my own merits and not because my father had paid for a place.

He offered to be his son’s mechanic during these early days after realizing his son was superior to his rivals.

In fact, his mother also played a role in helping him learn how to utilize cruise control because she was a skilled driver.

He has credited his father, who supported him via his business HP Turners and believed in him, as the cause of his success. They still make fun of him and keep the kid grounded without missing his game.

Examining Oscar Piastri’s Net Worth

Oscar Piastri, a race car driver, has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars as of 2022 and makes an estimated 44 grand a year.

It’s understandable that he will soon living such an opulent lifestyle since he has major sponsors like HPturners, Flash Diesel, Melbourne Malibu, and VCM Performance.

It was all upward from there as he relocated to the British Isles to compete in the professional divisions after starting karting in 2011.

He signed his first significant sponsorship deal with HP Tuners in 2016 and raced in the GP3 Series, F3, and F2 seasons. With the company logo of his father’s business gleaming on his outfit, he wins two podiums.

He entered the team’s driver academy after that and never looked back. In January 2020, he was accepted by Formula One as a member of the Renault Sport Academy after leaving the FIA Formula 3 Championship and FIA Formula 2 Championship.

He later changed his name to Alpine Academy and joined the Alpine F1 Team as a reserve driver before being added to the driver lineup for 2023 and taking Fernando Alonso’s place.

Who Is Oscar Piastri? His Biography

Oscar Piastri, a Formula One driver, was born on April 6, 2001, and is 21 years old. He was raised in Melbourne, Victoria, where he was born.

Because of his father, who constantly pushed him to his limits, he developed a love for racing at a young age.

He started karting when he was 10 years old, and by the time he was a teenager, he had won numerous Australian races and championships.

He later started taking part in CIK-FIA-sanctioned competitions while attending Haileybury College.

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