Chris Chester Net Worth: Vanessa Bryant Wins The Photos Trial As Jury Reaches Verdict


Chris Chester's wife and daughter ( Source : instagram )

Vanessa Bryant along with her co-plaintiff, Chris Chester, has been awarded a total of $31m in damages over leaked graphic photos of the helicopter crash that killed their spouses in 2020.

The jury's decision was reached after ten days of testimony about how members of the sheriff's and fire departments took and shared pictures of human remains at the scene of the crash on January 26, 2020, which claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant.

Chris Chester Net Worth After Vanessa Bryant's Photo Trial In His Favor

Chris Chester is a father who lost his daughter and wife in an unfortunate helicopter crash. On August 18, the devastated widower gave a deposition in the Vanessa Bryant case.

He admitted to the jury that he worried about the public seeing the horrifying images taken at the scene of the jet accident "all the time, every day." In a federal civil action brought by Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa Bryant, Chester is a co-plaintiff. The lawsuit claimed that Los Angeles County, some of its agencies, and some of its employees violated the plaintiffs' privacy and did not adequately control the dissemination of the images, causing them mental anguish.

According to the latest update in the case, in response to Los Angeles County's improper handling of images from the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of their spouses, a jury on Wednesday awarded Vanessa Bryant and Christopher Chester a combined $31 million.

This has increased Chris Chester's net worth by folds. He has been labeled as the close-knit community member of Kobe Bryant, which clearly states his high status already. His deceased daughter was an extraordinary basketball player, and they were heading to a game when the incident happened. 

The jury gave Chester a total sum of $15 million, including $7.5 million for potential future pain and $1.5 million from the sheriff's office for past suffering. Chester received $1 million from the fire department for previous pain and $5 million for future hardship.

Chris Chester's Wife Sarah and Daughter Payton Chester

On the plane were Orange County residents Sarah and Payton Chester. 

In a document, St. Margaret's Episcopal School confirmed the revelation, stating that Payton was a student there and that Sarah was a member of the board of trustees. Payton played with Gianna on the Mamba Sports Academy girls basketball squad, Kobe Bryant's daughter.

Their obituary report read, “This is an unimaginable loss for the Chester family and the entire St. Margaret’s community,” read the memo. “We are a community in mourning. Our greatest strength is when our St. Margaret’s community pulls together with arms around one another, and this is one of those times.”

Chris Chester has twin boys
Chris Chester has twin boys ( Source : lawandcrime )

Chester recalled Payton as quite an outstanding basketball player on her squad alongside the Bryants' daughter Gianna. In addition, he claimed that throughout the weekend of the plane tragedy, he and his wife Sarah determined that Payton would be taken to her basketball game by Sarah while Chester would attend the twins' lacrosse tournament. He said a quick goodbye to his daughter and wife the morning of the flight, not realizing it would be the final time he would see them.

Chris, who admitted to struggling with despair and turning to alcohol excessively, claimed he made the decision to join Vanessa's case because he wanted to learn the truth. He desired accountability and justice. When he buried Sarah and Payton, he said that we were taking care of the boys and wanted her to be with Payton until they met again. This is one of the most heartbreaking things the man said.

He's grateful every day that he kissed Sarah and told her she loved her that morning.


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