Camping With Steve Wife Jessica Audrey Passed Away As The Youtuber Pays Tribute Tribute


Steve Wallis announced the heartbreaking news of his wife's passing ( Source : instagram )

A video on YouTube by Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis announcing the passing of his "beautiful wife," Jessica Audrey. The shocking unexpected revelation has prompted several tributes to be posted.

Steve Wallis, a well-known Canadian YouTuber, recently experienced heartbreak following the passing of his wife Jessica Audrey. By posting a video on his YouTube page with the caption "Jess left me alone all the way," he announced her passing.

Living not far from Edson, Alberta, Wallis and Audrey frequently went camping together. The loss of Steve's lovely wife, though, has left the YouTuber distraught and clearly depressed.

On September 10, 1981, he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He formerly resided in a travel trailer in Victoria. But after finding and marrying his wife, he permanently changed his way of life.

Camping With Steve Wife Jessica Audrey Passed Away, How Did She Die?

Jess Wallis, the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, passed dead. The social media celebrity published a video confirming the death of his wife and thanking her for supporting him through his highs and lows.

When the pair went to bed on Saturday, he claimed that by the time he awoke on Sunday, his wife had already passed away. But the YouTuber broke the news, his voice shaking and his eyes streaming with tears.

Camping with Steve Wallis Steve released a wrenching video lamenting the sudden death of his wife.
Camping with Steve Wallis Steve released a wrenching video lamenting the sudden death of his wife. ( Source : twitter )

He recently attended a camp in the woods and may return to his house in a week. He also acknowledges that his wife is responsible for all of the blessings in his life, and she is abruptly left on the path they have been traveling together.

Twitter is currently overflowing with sympathy messages for Steve and his family as they attempt to cope with their enormous loss and maintain hope for the future. The tragic tragedy was perceived to have left the influencer utterly saddened.

Steve has not, however, disclosed the reason for his wife's passing. Steve was horrified to see his wife dead, thus it's likely that she had health issues in the past or that she passed away unexpectedly without showing any symptoms.

What Happened To Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey?

Steve Wallis posted a video named "Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife" to his Youtube account on August 25, 2022. He broke the news of his wife Jessica Audrey's passing with emotion.

The stunning wife's death has not yet been given an official cause of death. Steve, however, claims that she passed away while sleeping. He states in the video, "Beautiful Wife and I went to bed on Saturday. Only I was awake on Saturday."

All of Steve's fans from around the world were shocked to learn of his wife's passing. "If I had never met her, I would still be living in a mobile home, attempting to finish a documentary," he stated in reference to the influence of his wife in his life.

After the video was uploaded, many memorials and obituaries were created in memory of Jess. People also had positive things to say about Steve's "Beautiful Wife."

Who Was Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey? Her Age

The spouse of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis was Jessica Audrey. Despite never appearing in any of his videos, he used to refer to her as his "Beautiful Wife."

Jessica might be 30 years old based on her outward look. The couple was married in August 2017 and remained together until Steve's lovely wife passed away.

Audrey, on the other hand, is much less well-known because she always remained hidden from view and did not appear in his recordings or photographs.

Steve recently shared a photo on Instagram wishing his lovely wife a happy 5th anniversary on August 5, 2022. The Youtube star must have been crushed by Jessica's passing just days after their anniversary.


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