BoyWithUke Face Reveal - What Does He Look Like? Details About The Musical Artist


American faceless musician, BoyWithUke performing on stage ( Source : instagram )

BoyWithUke is an American musician who blew up on TikTok after posting his covers of some hit songs with a ukulele without showing his face to the audience.

He released his song titled Toxic gained him a lot of attention and praise with over 69 million views on Youtube.

The singer's mysterious vibes with a black mask with two brightly lit circles for eyes is his signature look completed with a hoodie.

Let us learn more about the young faceless singer, his face reveal, his real name and age of the singer, along with his career.

Has BoyWithUke Done A Face Reveal?

BoyWithUke did have a face reveal video on his TikTok account with the caption, not clickbait, but it turned out to be clickbait as he asked his friend to pose to be him as a joke for the face reveal skit.

In a recent video, he posted another video stating it's a face reveal confusing many fans, but his followers understood the joke. The man in the video was another personality named Oliver Tree.

The American singer shared childhood pictures on his TikTok, announcing that he is no longer a teenager.

The musician likes to remain unidentified and stick to his brand of being a faceless musician with a mask and hoodie. Since the beginning of his musical journey on TikTok, he has always been the guy with a ukulele or a still picture behind the camera with a soothing voice.

In some of his TikTok videos, he does not wear his signature BoyWithUke mask and sings to the camera with the lower half of his face.

The musician rapped in a duet video with another girl without his mask, and his followers were happy just seeing his jaws at the very least with comments like "OMG Jaw Reveal" and "Almost face reveal. So close".

Real Name And Age Of The Musician

BoyWithUke has not revealed his real name and identity, but the singer revealed that he turned 20 today. Since the singer started his music career on TikTok with a cover playing his ukulele, he named himself BoyWithUke.

The musician joined TikTok in late 2020 and stated that he has been writing songs since 2018 and creating music using GarageBand.

With a sincere message to his viewers about songwriting being his hobby and asking for their honest opinions on his work, he started growing slowly.

TikTok is an excellent platform for budding artists, and BoyWithUke won his audience's hearts, starting from covers to releasing his songs in two years.

BoyWithUke Faceless Musician

BoyWithUke is an American musician from Massachusetts who started as a young man on social media, sharing his covers to releasing his album in a year.

In 2020, he joined the video-sharing platform TikTok where he shared his songs, expressing his words in beautiful songwriting accompanied by his ukulele.

Soon, the singer blew up and currently has over 5.5 million followers with over 88.6 million likes. The musician has three albums, among which the song Toxic from his latest album, Serotonin Dreams, was a great hit with over 69 million views on Youtube.

His Youtube channel also has over 2.43 million subscribers, and he announced his new song, Sick Of You, which will be released soon.


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