Bethany Antonia: Facts You Did Not Know About House Of The Dragon's Baela Targaryen


Bethany Antonia plays Baela Targaryen in House of the Dragon ( Source : instagram )

Actress Bethany Antonia is from England. In House of the Dragon, she plays the character Baela Targaryen.

The Netflix series Get Even, an adaptation of a well-known book series, and Stay Close are among Bethany Antonia's most notable works.

She gained enormous popularity and audience acclaim with her appearance in the television series Get Even. Her recent Netflix series Stay Close has once again astounded her fans.

In addition, she appears to be very at ease and excellent in her role in House of the Dragon. Bethany, the young lady with an adorable smile and lovely eyes, has much to offer her followers. As a result, you can read this article to learn more about Bethany in-depth.

Who Is Bethany Antonia? Meet House Of The Dragon Baela Targaryen  

Currently employed by the well-known Waring & McKenna management company in London, Bethany Antonia made her on-screen debut in the 2017 season of Doctors as Jade Okonjo.

She then participated in a Deborah-directed film called Pin Cushion. As she continued to succeed, she was given numerous chances to collaborate with talented directors and performers.

Bethany Antonia is best known for the Netflix series Get Even
Bethany Antonia is best known for the Netflix series Get Even ( Source : instagram )

She started learning to play the piano when she was 12. Her mother gave her a piano for her 18th birthday, and she has adorned it in her bedroom.

She started her studies at Perryfields High School in Oldbury. She also enrolled at Spotlight Stage School and Adage Dance in Selly Oak. She eventually grew older, finished school, and enrolled in the Birmingham Ormiston Academy.

One of her well-liked television programs is Get Even, which debuted on Netflix in 2020. She then astonished her admirers at the start of 2022 by letting them watch her in the other Netflix series Stay Close, which debuted on December 31, 2021.

Bethany Antonia Age- How Old Is She? 

Bethany Antonia was born on December 25, 1997. She started acting when she was a teenager and is now 25 years old. When she thinks back to her childhood, most of her time was spent watching television and imitating performers.

She used to create entire screenplays for her favorite television programs and try to put them into action for her family. She was unaware of her passion for acting at the time, but as she became more conscious of it, she realized her abilities and began to work as an actress.

Bethany Antonia is an English Actress
Bethany Antonia is an English Actress ( Source : instagram )

A few years ago, Bethany began her career and was doing well there. She is a brilliant actress who has never allowed a romantic connection to cause her to stray from her career objectives. If you want to hear about Bethany's romantic history, you'll have to wait since she is not currently dating anyone.

We can tell you that one day you will learn about Bethany's relationship with any attractive co-star because she works in numerous shows with various fantastic co-stars.

Only 25 years old, Bethany still has a long way to go in her life. She acknowledged believing in the law of attraction during an interview. She will therefore be drawn to intelligent men.

Bethany Anotina Parents & Nationality 

Bethany Anotina was born as her parents' only child. She is a citizen of Great Britain. She frequently appears with her mother, Melanie, who adores her very much. Bethany had already uploaded a picture of her mother and Nancy, her grandmother.

We looked through her various online profiles while discussing her father, but it appears her father does not reside with her mother and Bethany. Perhaps her father and mother divorced when Bethany was a young child.

When her family relocated to France when she was just six years old, Bethany once said she also spent a small portion of her childhood there. She stayed in France until she was 11 years old and picked up the language.


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