Arthur Burney Murder: Where Is Patricia Burney and Her Boyfriend Michael Nicholas Today?

Arthur Burney was murdered in February, 2011 by Michael Richardson, hired by his wife ( Source : Dailymail )

Arthur Burney, 53, was murdered by hired Michael Richardson in February 2011. Arthur's wife Patricia made the master plan to kill her husband as he was abusive to her, said Patricia. 

Arthur Burney Murder

An episode of American Monster: Momma's Girl on Investigation Discovery details the 2011 slaying of Arthur "Art" Burney in Coweta, Oklahoma. This case has already been highlighted on two other ID programs, "Murder Calls" and "Fatal Vows," because of all the puzzling details.

After all, no one could ever have guessed or imagined that Art's family would be responsible for the deceptions, secrets, lies, and backstabbing. When Arthur Burney left with Patricia Meeks, the waitress from his favorite bar, he thoughts it was true love. Arthur and Patricia became parents to their daughter. But 16 years later, the strain is too much, and someone will lose it.

Arthur Burney, 53, was shot dead on February 18, 2011, by Michael Richardson, hired by Arthur's wife, Patricia. His wife and daughter deceived him. Patricia revealed that her husband had been abusive towards her, and she wanted him dead. 

Later, the US supreme court charged Patricia with first-degree murder without parole and Richardson a second-degree murder with 28 years of imprisonment. 

Dude and Sue (Bozarth) Burney welcomed Arthur Burney into the world on May 29, 1957, in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Morris, Oklahoma, is where Arthur went to school. On February 18, 1995, he and Patricia Meeks were wed in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the last ten years, Arthur has been a mechanic with American Transfer & Storage Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He has three daughters, Michelle Burney, who supported her mother in Arthur's murder; Samantha Edwards, and Karen Jefferson. Talking about his siblings, he grew up along with his three brothers, James Burney, Bill, and Larry Burney. 

Where Is Patricia Burney Today? Meet Her Daughter's Boyfriend, Michael Nicholas

In 2012, Burney, 59, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the southeast Tulsa killing of her husband, Arthur. Because her husband was abusive, Patricia Burney allegedly bribed her daughter's lover to kill him, according to the prosecution and witnesses. Patricia was sentenced to life in prison in charge of her husband murder without the chance of parole.

Burney claimed in a handwritten appeal to the Supreme Court that prosecutors had violated her constitutional rights by keeping a plea deal between them and co-defendant Michael Richardson, the gunman in the case, and her daughter's boyfriend. Richardson, who admitted guilt and gave a deposition against Burney, received a 28-year prison term.

Burney called the plea agreement "dirty," telling the high court that she was found guilty "in a circumstantial case that rested solely upon the perjured evidence" of Richardson. She claimed that the prosecution violated her rights to a fair trial under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments by keeping information about the bargain from her.

Michael Richardson was the boyfriend of Patricia's daughter and was offered $6000 to kill Patricia's husband. Richardson, 19, was sentenced to 28 years after admitting guilt to the second-degree murder of Arthur Burney in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

Richardson testified during the trial that Patricia Burney and her daughter picked him up in a rental car and took him to the Burney residence in Coweta. According to the Tulsa World, Richardson claimed Patricia Burney gave him the order to use a.22-caliber weapon concealed behind a bedroom door to "kill Arthur Burney." 

He claimed Patricia Burney had instructed her daughter to take him back to the property for "practice shots." Later, it was said that Richardson concealed in the tack area of the barn, where saddles and bridles are kept for horseback riding, and shot Burney as soon as he entered.

According to the newspaper, Richardson was never successful in getting the money. Michelle Burney, the victim's daughter and the killer's lover, was just 14 years old at the time of the murder.

She pleaded guilty to murder, according to The Tulsa World, and was taken into the custody of Oklahoma's Office of Juvenile Affairs. She had stated that her mother "wanted" her father to be killed since he had started verbally abusing her mother and "was always rude."

What Happened To Arthur Burney?

Arthur Burney, 53, was killed by his wife Patricia colluding with her daughter's boyfriend Michael Richardson. Patricia got life time imprisonment without parole while Richardson sentenced to 28 years ( Source : Tulsaworld )

On February 18, 2011, a shot-dead Arthur Burney was discovered in his barn. He was 53 at his murder. 

His wife, Patricia Burney, was found guilty of first-degree murder against her husband as she was convicted of hiring Michael Richardson to gunshot her husband at $6000. 

Arthur's daughter reported that he was abusive towards his wife Patricia, and she wanted to see him dead. So, she made the master plan to kill Arthur with the support of her daughter's boyfriend, Richard. In Coweta, Oklahoma, in 2011, Richardson was accused of killing Arthur Burney, the girlfriend's father, who was 53 years old. He was then sentenced to 28 years imprisonment in charge of second-degree murder.


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