Are Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels Dating? Kissing Pictures Take Over The Internet


Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels from Side Hustle ( Source : Youtube )

Nickelodeon stars Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels have gone viral on the internet with the recent leak of their pictures of the two smoking and kissing.

Their fans have been shipping the two friends for a long time since their show, Side Hustle, premiered on Nickelodeon, and the rumors are only getting worse with the recent pictures leaking.

So, let us learn more about the two actresses and the history between the two, along with addressing their sexuality and the viral kissing pictures.

Are Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels Dating?

No, the two costars, Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels from the Nickelodeon teen-comedy show 'Side Hustle,' are not dating. Instead, the two revealed they are best friends who bonded during their show.

Their fans love to ship the two actresses after their appearance in the show in 2020, but Jules and Jayden revealed that they are just friends who have a close bond after spending so much time on set together.

Jayden Bartels and Jules LeBlanc at Coachella ( Source : Instagram )

Bartels and LeBlanc are often spotted on each other's Instagram together, and the chemistry between the two also seems reasonable, making the audience doubt their genuine relationship.

They are both venturing out to Youtube after the success of their show, and with similar passions and hobbies, the two are often hanging out together, growing together.

Kissing Pictures Take Over The Internet

Recent kissing pictures of the two actresses fuel the flames of the rumors of Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels dating.

Photographs of Jules and Jayden smoking and kissing each other came out of the blue and took over the internet, once again questioning their relationship.

Some fans who ship the two friends together romantically root for the two, while others are left confused about the stars' sexuality.

Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels Sexuality

Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels' kissing pictures left everyone questioning their sexuality, but the two have not yet released any statements regarding their sexual preferences.

With Jules' recent appearance, people started guessing if she was leaning towards being a lesbian, but her dressing sense alone does not clarify her sexuality.

A video on Jules' YouTube revealed that she was straight and had just gone through a breakup with her then-boyfriend.

While LeBlanc has not responded to the rumors that the two friends are in a romantic relationship, Bartels has been posting TikToks with Jules without minding the pictures.

Jules and Jayden's fanbase is supportive of them no matter their relationship. Most fans got offended by the fact that their kissing pictures leaked without their permission while also being mad at the fans sharing the photos of the actresses.

Neither of the two has come out about their sexuality, but they could have gotten close to each other, and since they are still very young, they could still be exploring their sexuality.

There is also a chance that the pictures were just a silly joke between the two best friends, and the two have nothing romantic going on between them. Whatever the relationship dynamics between the two are, they look like great friends who are there for each other.

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