Are Davis Chirchir and Wanjohi Githae Arrested? Charges, What Did They Do?

Davis Chirchir and Wanjohi Githae arrested ( Source : Pd )

Twitter is raging over half-cooked news that says Davis Chirchir and Wanjohi Githae are arrested. Wanjohi Githae is a reporter at Nation media group according to his Linkedin account and Davis Chirchir is a Kenyan politician.

The Heartbeat of Kenya writes, "Dennis Itumbi slammed after reports indicated that Deputy President William Ruto's Chief of Staff Davis Chirchir and UDA director of communications Wanjohi Githae were at the Bomas of Kenya. Itumbi has earlier claimed that the two had been arrested and kidnapped."

Are Davis Chirchir and Wanjohi Githae Arrested?

Yes, both UDA Communications Director Wanjohi Githae and Chief Of Staff Davis Chirchir is got arrested recently. However, the arrest has been kept synonymous to kidnap on social media. Many of them believe that it is a kind of propaganda and that the arrest is more of an abduction. 

While everyone is curious to know what might have actually happened, there is no news on it of now. Everyone is talking about the arrest, but nobody seems to know the reason behind it. A verified account recently tweeted that Wanjohi and David are fine as he could conversate with them. Similarly, when it comes to further details, the account has asked for its people to have patience. It is almost on the verge of releasing the audio. 

HNIB Kenya tweets, "So kidnapping UDA communication staff Wanjohi Githae and Chief of staff Davis Chirchir will make Raila be president? ICC is calling Uhuru" Similarly, Nation Africa tweets, "Deputy President William Ruto's chief of staff Davis Chirchir, and UDA director of communications, Wanjohi Githae at the Bomas of Kenya, contrary to reports that the two had been kidnapped or arrested." 

Hence, it is still confusing if the two are arrested or abducted. 

Davis Chirchir and Wanjohi Githae Charges - What Did They Do? 

As mentioned above, it is still unknown what Davis and Wanjohi did to be behind bars. Further, it is still unsure. Therefore, their charges also cannot be explained. There are several youtube videos that claim the news but fail to provide evidence. 

Hence, none of the reliable sources have come up with the news as well. Even though the majority of the verified Twitter accounts have posted the news but they themselves are not sure about what might have actually happened. 

A Twitteratti again mentions, "William Ruto's director of communications Wanjohi Githae and Davis Chirchir has been released. They will address the media on the matter."    

Here we can see different people saying different things, and the news does not have any uniformity. Hence it will be difficult to state their charges and the reason behind their detainment.


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