Amanda Knapic Wikipedia Bio And Age - How Old Is She? Details We Know About The Actress


American actress, Amanda Knapic who stars in new Netflix movie, Look Both Ways ( Source : instagram )

Amanda Knapic is an American actress who stars in the new Netflix movie, Look Both Ways alongside Riverdale star Lili Reinhart. The show is now on Netflix with an IMDb rating of 6.4 stars.

The actress stars as Miranda in the new movie, Look Both Ways, a comedy, romance, and drama movie centered around Natalie, played by Reinhart. The story revolves around Lili as her life diverges into two parallel realities: one where she chooses her pregnancy and the other where she desires her career.

It was an exciting storyline, and all the movie's cast were great fits for their roles. Let us learn more about Amanda Knapic, the movie's cast, the actress's age and height, her career, and her social media.

Who Is Amanda Knapic?

Amanda Knapic is an American actress best known for her role in Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge, where she starred as Gina. The American actress has starred in many movies in the industry since the early 2010s.

Her debut in Hollywood was in the movie Salvation in 2014 as a Plain Springs Church Goer. Despite being a minor role, she was glad to be a part of the movie.

Later she made her big break in the horror movie Ouija, which got her into the limelight. Knapic has been in a few short films like Becoming Abbie in 2016, Underneath in 2016, and For the First Time in 2016.

Amanda Knapic with the cast of the movie, Take
Amanda Knapic with the cast of the movie, Take ( Source : instagram )

Her recent projects include a crime movie titled Take, where Amanda plays the lead role of AD alongside K.C. Wolf, who stars as a struggling actor in the film.

The Ouija actress is gaining a lot of attention after her latest appearance in the movie, Look Both Ways on Netflix. She has another project in pre-production named Crossbow Creek, a horror movie.

Amanda plays the role of Elisha in the new horror thriller movie about a killer crashing into Elisha's friend's bachelorette party. Her fans are thrilled with the news of the release of her new film since there haven't been many horror movies in the last few years.

Age And Height Of The Actress 

Because of her appearance, Amanda Knapic looks like she is in her early thirties, making fans believe she is around 31 years old. The actress isn't very tall and has an average height of about 5 feet and 4 inches, based on her resume.

Despite being an actress constantly under the media's attention, Amanda has managed to keep her private life and family out of the limelight.

Apart from that, she is from Los Angeles and still resides in Los Angeles, California; not much information on her personal life is made available to the public and the media.

Meet The Actress Of 'Look Both Ways' On Instagram

Amanda Knapic is available on Instagram but isn't very active, with only 17 posts on her Instagram. The actress has only 724 followers on her social media, which will soon grow with her recent appearance on the Netflix show.

Her Instagram bio introduces herself as an actor and writer currently working under Maude Kaplan Management's management. It appears that Knapic works for the Agency named Berman/Sacks Talent Agency LLC.

According to her resume linked on her Instagram profile, the actress has also worked in Theater for Working Actors Studios.

The actress loves to take pictures with her friends and post them on her social media, even if it's just regular friends having fun or just taking a walk in the morning.

She recently promoted her new movie on her social media, writing, "Look Both Ways out on Netflix now! You might see a familiar face…."


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