Adriene Mishler Boyfriend Chris Sharpe, Does She Have A Baby With Him?

American yoga instructor, Adriene Mishler ( Source : Instagram )

Yoga instructor, actor, and businesswoman Adriene Mishler is based in Austin, Texas. She co-founded the yoga video subscription service Find What Feels Good and produced and presented Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

Adriene Mishler has undergone two vocal cord surgeries for benign tumors; hence, when addressing sizable crowds during seminars, she wears a specialized microphone.

Yoga with Adriene is one of the top 1000 most subscribed YouTube channels, with over 11 million followers and more than 600 videos. Adriene has recently been engaged to her boyfriend, so people are curious to learn more about him. 

Who Is Adriene Mishler Boyfriend? 

Adriene Mishler has a boyfriend, but she hasn't revealed any information about him. We are therefore unable to obtain information regarding her significant other. But he frequently appears on Adriene's Instagram.

According to the photos, they frequently go hiking and on other adventurous trips. It is pretty cool as the couple who travel together always stay together. And they are amply demonstrating this saying.

She once shared a photo of them hiking together and said, "Last month, we spontaneously took Benji to the Grand Canyon on the drive home from Washington. It was everything."

Adriene Mishler with her fiancee and dog ( Source : Instagram )

You can find Adriene on Instagram under the username @adrienelouise. However, we couldn't find her boyfriend on Instagram. She has gained more than 1.2m followers there. 

Mishler founded Yoga With Adriene in 2012 with the aid of Chris Sharpe, her producer and business partner, whom she had met while playing the lead in an independent horror movie.

Sharpe had already created the popular Hilah Cooking YouTube channel with his wife, and he was eager to use these skills in the wellness sector.

Does Adriene Mishler Have A Baby?

At the moment, Adriene Mishler doesn't have a baby. She is young and more concerned with advancing her job. Therefore, she might not have considered establishing a family. Though she is satisfied with her current relationship, we might see her become a mother soon.

Marisa Meltzer of The Guardian referred to Mishler as "the yoga girl next door" because of her approachable demeanor and teaching style.

In many of her videos, Benji, her dog, may be seen lying next to her mat. In addition, the dog often features on her Instagram. Its YouTube channel received the most Google searches for a yoga class in 2015. She won the Streamy award for health and wellbeing in 2016. 

The Guardian reports that she had 4 million subscribers in 2018. Her YouTube account saw increased traffic from people searching for at-home workout videos to watch while under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.8 million people watched Yoga With Adriene per day on April 13, 2020. In addition, her channel had more than 7 million subscribers as of April 2020. Her channel will have more than 11 million subscribers in 2022.

Is Adriene Mishler Married? 

Adriene Mishler has not yet gotten married. She did, however, just recently declare her engagement to her partner. She shared the photo of him getting down on one knee and popping the question.

She wrote as her caption: "Betrothed! In the arms of the beloved. And oh what an honor and pure joy it is!!!!!!!!!" We're hoping that soon we'll be able to witness her getting happily wedded in front of her love in a stunning white dress.

For two years running, Adriene has been recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. Mishler frequently writes for publications and websites.

Mishler and Adidas began working together in 2015 as part of Adidas' revamping of its women's business, which placed a new emphasis on female athletes and active individuals.

She was a member of the Adidas Women Global Creator Network, the star of her yoga apparel line, and a part of the "I'm Here to Create" film series.

Over 665,000 people watched the International Yoga Day Livestream that Mishler hosted to introduce the Adidas x WANDERLUST FW17 collection. She conducted a tour of Europe in 2018 while teaching extensive yoga courses.


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