Who Was Samir Mohamed? Five-Year-Old Boy Collapses And Died Suddenly, Tragic Cause Of Death Details

  Five years old Samir Mohamed ( Source : Mirror )

Samir Mohamed was just a young child when he tragically lost his life and took a departure from this world young. 

24 July was an unfortunate day for Samir Mohamed's parents, as they lost their young son. The little boy and his parents, full of dreams, shattered entirely on the same day the little one passed away. 

It was devastating and confusing for the family members, who didn't expect their young ones to depart sooner from life. A critical and unforgettable moment, was when the boy was sent to the hospital for treatment but lost his life before reaching it. 

Recently, the case has been updated, with the doctors opening up further about the issues. Let's learn how the little boy who was playing just a moment ago ended up in a critical state. 

Who Was Samir Mohamed? His Cause Of Death 

Samir Mohamed was a five-year-old little boy who died young. According to the doctors who examined him, his death cause was due to a sharp drop in blood circulation. 

The boy had ice-cold water while he was riding a bike and played with his friends in the extreme temperature of 40c. At the time of the incident, he was around the area in the Egyptian city of Tanta, between Alexandria and Cairo. 

He rode a bike and then stopped drinking cold water; soon after, he collapsed. The young boy was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately passed away in the middle. 

His family members who lost him are currently mourning for the little boy who lost his life unexpectedly. It is a tough time for his family members, and hopefully, they will be able to cope with the situation. 

Autopsy Report Of Five-Year-Old Boy Samir Mohamed 

Following the autopsy report by a doctor, Samir Mohamed of five years old died after having a sharp drop in blood circulation. He passed away even before reaching the hospital. 

A renowned cardiovascular consultant, Dr. Alaa el-Ghamrawy, stated that one could have a "catastrophe effect on a heart rate" drinking iced cold water.   

As per him, "The sudden drinking of very cold water, especially after exercise, could lead to stimulation of the Vagus nerve, which is main nerve that controls specific body functions including heart rate,"

"and could lead to irregular heartbeats or cause them to stop, and therefore endanger the person's life." 

Tanta University Hospital carried out an autopsy report on the young boy before giving it back to his family for the funeral. 

Who Are Samir Mohamed Parents?

Samir Mohamed's parents have kept their privacy after their son passed away. It was an unfortunate moment for the young child and his family. 

They still seem to recall the young little boy who often plays with his cycle in the family. Regardless, no further information is out yet on the five-years-old Samir's father and mother, who mourns their lost one.

They might want to have their privacy to grieve the moment of their lost son to date. Hopefully, there might be more information in the upcoming days.  

We also hope that the young one soul rests peacefully. 

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