Who Was Johnny Pizarro From Law & Order? Crew Member Shot on The Sets Of NBC Show


Johnny Pizarro shot on the sets of 'Law and Order. Find his picture. ( Source : Filmyvip )

Twitter is flooding with tributes to Johnny Pizarro after he gets shot on the shooting sets of 'Law and Order': Organized Crime.

As his name gets connected to the family of "Law and Order', you might be wondering what role did he play. Well, he was neither the show's actor, director, nor writer. Johnny was one of the crew members in it.

Emmy Gallagher tweets, "Awful, terrifying news in Greenpoint early this morning as a TV production worker was fatally shot on North Henry St. We’ll keep the community posted as we learn more."

Picture: Who Was Johnny Pizarro From Law & Order? Crew Member Shot

Johnny Pizarro was one of the crew members in the popular TV show Law and order for many years. His name suddenly surfaced on the web following his untimely demise in Brooklyn. 

The news broke out that a man was shot while he was sitting in a car. After the police arrived and took hold of the situation, the deceased's identity was revealed. Johnny Pizarro was shot on the shooting sets of the crime show. 

The New York Times says that his job on the sets was to clear the roads for smooth shooting. Providing context, a well-performed scene does not come out only when the actors are great, or the director is doing his work perfectly. There are other hundreds of work on a set that gives life to a small scene; hence numerous behind-the-scenes crew members work really hard for it. 

He could clear the shooting area so that the cars of the so could be parked. In order to create a world of their own, it was his job to look at the minor details in the background. 

He was inside a car when a lone attacker approached, unlocked the door, and shot him twice in the head and neck, according to the police. He was sent to Woodhull Hospital Center in Brooklyn, where doctors there declared him dead, according to the police.

By Tuesday afternoon, the police reported that no one had been detained, and no cause had been determined. According to the police, a small, thin male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark leggings was spotted rushing away from the scene of the shooting.

Johny Pizzaro's pictures are yet to hit the Internet. The police are handling the case with the utmost sensitivity and are making sure only what is intended to be disclosed makes it to the media.

Johnny Pizzaro's Wikipedia Bio 

Johnny Pizzaro was 31 years old and lived in Queens, per the recent report. He made a living out of his job as a crew member on the shooting sets. Currently working for Law And Order, he managed the affiliated vehicles on the road to put life to the screen.

The most recent installment of the enduring crime-procedural genre developed by producer Dick Wolf is "Law & Order: Organized Crime," which airs on NBC and stars Christopher Meloni. It is presently in production for its third season and is made by Wolf Entertainment in collaboration with Universal Television, a part of the Universal Studio Group.

The show producers are yet to make an official statement for now, but the NBC spokesperson expressed his grief and shock at the incident. The person has assured for a quick investigation on it.

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