Who Was Jeff Chorba? Death Cause And Accident Details Of The Paramotor Pilot


Paramotor pilot, Jeff Chorba a day before his passing ( Source : Instagram )

Pennsylvania paramotor pilot Jeff Chorba passed away after an accident during his flight on May 13, not very far from his hometown.

He was one of the few people who could maneuver a paramotor, fulfilling people's dream to fly in the sky in northeast Pennsylvania.

Let us learn more about the pilot's accident, along with the age and family of the deceased pilot.

What Happened To Jeff Chorba?

Jeff Chorba was a paramotor pilot who passed away on May 13 at the scene after meeting an accident during his flight from his hometown, Beach Lake, and a civilian found him on Barracuda Boulevard.

The Pennsylvania State Police revealed that Jeff died at the scene when help arrived. Chorba was one of the few pilots in the state who could easily maneuver the machine to help people fulfill their dream of flying.

Jeff Chorba taking his friend Landon on a flight in Hunterdon County
Jeff Chorba taking his friend Landon on a flight in Hunterdon County ( Source : Instagram )

Chorba used a tricycle frame paramotor which launches on wheels, and people hold on to Chorba while taking flight.

Fellow pilots in Pennsylvania expressed their sadness and deep remorse over hearing the news of one of their pilot's passing.

Paramotor Accident Caused The Death Of The Pilot

The paramotor accident caused the death of the experienced paramotor pilot, Jeff Chorba. However, the cause of the accident is still under investigation as it is not common for such an experienced pilot to crash not far from where he took flight.

One of his close friends who have known Jeff for years and a fellow paramotor pilot, Parker, talked to the police describing his suspicion of malfunctioning the machinery.

He also described that Chorba tried to save himself by opening the reserved suite during his fall. However, the height of the fall was not enough for the deployment of the chute, causing him to crash to the ground.

Jeff Chorba Age

Jeff Chobra was 52 years old when the accident took his life while doing what he loved the most. Chorbra graduated from Honesdale High School in 1984 with one of his friends, who he kept close contact with even during his flights named Karen Mander.

Jeff with his childhood friend, Karen taking flight
Jeff with his childhood friend, Karen taking flight ( Source : Instagram )

The pilot later attended Temple University for Landscape Architecture, continuing his education at Luzerne Community College.

Flying was therapy for the paramotor pilot as he loved every second of it. He had an Instagram account and a Youtube channel where he would post his adventures on the flight for other people to see.

Family Details Of The Deceased Pilot

Jeffrey Ronald Chobra was born to parents Eileen Chobra and Ronald Chobra in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, sometime in 1970.

The paramotor pilot had recently lost his father four months before his accident. His mother had a hard time dealing with her son's death soon after her husband's passing.

After dwelling on his death for some moment, she talked about Jeff in a firm voice with pride, describing him as a wonderful person who was thoughtful, caring, and honest.

Jeff had a brother named Steve and a sister named Ellen, and both spoke about their brother in a positive light calling him a great brother and a selfless person who would drop anything to help another person.

He was married to his wife, Michelle, who loved him for his eternal love and desired to help others, primarily youngsters who were lost.

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