Who Was David Badgley From Southington? Connecticut Man Death Cause & Obituary


David Badgley with his wife, Kelsey Lynn ( Source : Instagram )

David Badgley from Southington, Connecticut, passed away due to an illness on July 18, with no official statement from his family yet.

The young man led a happy life with his family in Southington, starting his own business as an entrepreneur until his illness got the best of him.

Let us learn more about the Southington man, the cause of his death, the life he led, and his age and family.

Obituary: David Badgley From Southington

A young man named David Badgley passed away following a health condition on July 18 in Southington. David was a fun-loving man who was self-employed at the David Badley LLC.

The young man had a business where he sold various items, and he was a progressive activist, as per his Twitter bio, who loved to have fun and do business.

His social media proves his love for cars and sports, as he posted many pictures of his cars and sports. The young man from Southington was also an avid dog lover as he flaunts his dogs on social media.

David Badgley with his dog pictures by his wife in 2020
David Badgley with his dog pictures by his wife in 2020 ( Source : Instagram )

David went by his nickname Dave and was a social and easy-going person with lots of friends and was loved by everyone.

It is a shame that the young man lost his life so early, causing his family immense grief and sorrow.

What Happened To David Badgley? Death Cause

Although the state or his family have not been any official statements about David Badgley's death, sources claim that the young man had Leukemia.

Badgley was allegedly battling Leukemia for a long time, which caused his death on July 18.

Leukemia is a dangerous illness defined as a group of blood cancers that begin in the bone marrow, which results in high numbers of abnormal blood cells, causing bleeding and bruising, bone pain, and increased risk of infections.

Despite battling this severe illness, the young man tried his best to stay strong and come out of it alive, but sadly, he lost the fight.

Age Of The Southington Deceased

David Badgley from Southington, Connecticut, was 32 years old when he passed away from an illness. He announced that he was a December baby on his Instagram to his wife, asking her if she knew it was his birthday soon.

The 32-year-old always had a thing for trying out new stuff, learning, and traveling. David's social media consists of memories of the young Connecticut man trying art, golf, archery, and traveling to new places.

Badgely was also always fond of animals, be it his dogs or his numerous cats or a small bird; you could see him being friendly and in love with the animals in all his pictures.

David Badgley Family Details


David Badgley was married to his wife, Kelsey Lynn, an entrepreneur and animal lover, just like her husband, Dave.

His other family members, sister, and mom also appeared on his social media. David is very close to his nephew and adores him as he is always flaunting his little niece and nephews on his social media.

Picture of David Badgley's niece and nephew
Picture of David Badgley's niece and nephew ( Source : Facebook )

The 32-year-old did not have any kids of his own but spoiled his niece and nephews by taking them out to events and letting them experience new things.

His family is probably going through a lot and would love it if everyone respected their privacy in their hard times. The Badgley family has not made any announcements about the death of their family member or any details regarding the funeral.

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