Who Is Vivi Winkler? Wikipedia Biografia And Age Details Of The Fitness Influencer


Meet fitness model from Brazil Vivi Winkler ( Source : Instagram )

Vivi Winkler is a famous fitness model from Brazil who got regarded as one of the hottest women in the world.

She has earned more than four million on her Tiktok account under the name @viviwinkleroficial. All video of her on the Tiktok account has reached 32.5 million likes as of now.

The model posted her first video on Tiktok on May 5, 2022, and the video got nine thousand likes, and eight people commented on it. The video is about the trap she used every day, six to eight hours daily.

Who Is Vivi Winkler? Biografia 

Vivi is a well-known model, trainer, coach, athlete, ambassador, Youtuber, businesswoman, and social media influencer who has gained massive popularity worldwide as a model and fitness trainer.

Furthermore, she has earned fame from amazing content on social platforms, mainly on Youtube and Instagram. She is a fitness model who ended 2nd in the WBPF RJ Liga Carioca bodybuilding championships.

She was born to her parents and grew up with her siblings. Similarly, she attended the local high school for graduation and completed a Bachelor's degree in physical education from University.

The fitness model is 30 years old and was born on May 2, 1991, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, with the zodiac sign of Taurus. Looking at her photo, we can say she stands five feet and five inches tall.

Vivi Winkler is at the sale
Vivi Winkler is at the sale ( Source : Instagram )

Winkler posted a video often on her Youtube and is under the handle Vivi Winkler. She has gained 693 thousand subscribers, and now one hundred million have viewed her videos. Similarly, she joined Youtube in May 2020.

Meet Vivi Winkler On Instagram

The celebrity is on Instagram with the username @Vivi Winkler 🇧🇷. She has gained 4.5 million followers and followed back eight hundred people with 10456 posts. 

On her Instagram account, she mentioned herself as a digital creator. She is an ambassador of the clothing brand MARIA GUEIXA and Maria Gueixa Sports and ambassador of product service New Millen Suplementos.

Vivi Winkler starts the day smiling
Vivi Winkler starts the day smiling ( Source : Instagram )

Also, she has shared her website link viviwinkler.com.br on Instagram. She has shared her fitness videos often and loves doing that. Her new videos are found daily on her account.

The Net Worth Of Vivi Winkler In 2022?


Vivi has a good net worth in 2022. He has earned her money from being the ambassador of MARIA GUEIXA, Maria Gueixa Sports, and New Millen Suplementos.

Moreover, she has earned money from Youtube and Instagram and is also a fitness trainer. We can estimate her net worth of $100 thousand.

Apart from that, she is active on her Twitter account with the username @viviwinkler and has gained four thousand followers. She has followed back one hundred people and joined the Twitter account in June 2021.

She looks far from her Twitter account as she posted her last tweet on July 20, 2021. Although, she has shared fitness videos and photos on her handle.

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