Who Is Tamara Walcot? Her Wikipedia Bio And Weight Loss Details Revealed


Tamara Walcot is a powerlifter ( Source : People )

Tamara Walcot is 38 years old mother and a world record holder powerlifter. Her story is yet to be featured on Wikipedia, but she is not anyone strange to people. 

The 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) The American Pro took place on July 29–30 at the Salisbury Center in Manassas, Virginia. At the tournament on Saturday, Tamara Walcott broke her previous record for the deadlift by setting a new one for the World Raw Powerlifting Federation.

Tamara Walcot Wikipedia Bio & Age - How Old Is She?

Tamara Walcot is the powerlifter at the age of 38. She has two children and is a divorcee who decided to take charge of her life following her divorce in 2017. 

According to her bio on her website, she has competed in several tournaments in just four short years. She has remained victorious in many of them and currently holds the record for the heaviest deadlift performed by a woman worldwide.

Tamara Walcot with her two children ( Source : Instagram )

Although her story may be yet to feature on Wikipedia, her accomplishments have been featured in numerous shows, including Barbend, Sports Illustrated, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She is also a motivational speaker from the U.S Virgin Island of St. Croix. 

She shares her story of overcoming obesity and food addiction. Her story inspires everyone that transformation is possible and anyone can achieve a balanced life. She says it is never too late to become the best version of yourself. 

Sneak Peek Into Tamara Walcot Weight Loss Journey 

Tamara Walcot had reached her maximum weight of more than 400 pounds when she was going through her divorce. Then, finally, she realized she was getting to the point where it was just out of control.

Thus, she gradually began her journey toward better health, concentrating each day on one action that would bring her closer to her objective, such as taking a walk or drinking a lot of water. She also began to think of food as body fuel.

Following her divorce, the former high school athlete began taking control of her life by getting back into shape. She claimed that after trying cardio-based exercises like kickboxing, she discovered powerlifting and fell in love with it.

She started powerlifting in 2017 and had lost 100 pounds in a year. Despite losing that much weight, she still felt uncomfortable. 415 pounds was already uncomfortable for her, and after losing 100 pounds, she felt a new uncomfortable. 

She would hear harsh words that people threw at her when she used to go for training. Yet, she did not give up, thinking she was there for a new change and was determined. 

Within five years of starting her journey, she has become a world record holder for the heaviest deadlift by all women. Currently, she competes in the +90 kg weight class. 

Who is Tamara Walcot Husband?

Tamara Walcot decided to change her life when she was in the middle of her divorce from her husband in 2017. She was determined to become the best version of herself and committed to changing herself. 

She had 9-5 businesses that she needed to run and had to train 3-4 times a week while also looking after her children. But, she mastered how to balance everything out. 

But, she also gives credit to her mother, boyfriend, and sister, who helped her look after her children.

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