Who Is Nick Lanners? Royalton HS Football Coach Was In A Car Accident


Royalton Football coach Nick Lanners fighting for life after a serious car accident ( Source : Topinfoguide )

Royalton football coach Nick Lanners met in a car accident on Thursday, July 15, 2022, and is still under treatment in a hospital.

People are suspecting about his death but it is not officially verified by any site or by his family. Let's pray for the coach and his family. 

At this instant, if you are interested to know more about him, his family, and the accident's cause then keep reading us.

Was Nick Lanners In A Car Accident? Dead Or Alive

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, Royalton Football announced coach Nick Lanners' serious car accident via a statement shared on Facebook

Royalton Football shared that the tragic news that Coach Nick Lanners was involved in a terrible car accident impacted our Royalton football family hard. Although there are still many unknowns, we do know that Coach loves his family and enjoys watching Friday night lights football. Let's all post our greatest photos of the Friday night lights to support the Lanners family! 

According to caringbridge.org, he met the accident on the way to his home due to high speed on 13th July 2022. He was rear-ended at a high speed while at a stop sign. Two people instantly approached Nick's vehicle; thankfully for Nick, they were medical workers. 

Nick was then flown to a hospital in St. Cloud. When he first arrived, Nick had very little feeling in his arms and no feeling below the chest. Nick was able to move his shoulders, speak, and breathe on his own.

His C5 spine had a serious fracture, according to a CT scan. He was rushed down to the operating room, where the bone was removed and the spinal cord and nerve roots were decompressed. He was transported to the ICU with his breathing tube still in after the little procedure.

The nerve that helps control his diaphragm wasn't telling him to breathe on his own till Saturday due to the stress from the accident and the edema from the surgery.

Due to his severe injuries, he is currently engaged in a battle for life and death. His injuries' specifics have not yet been made public. Nick is said to be intubated in the ICU in the past hours.

Since there have been no updates for many hours while the coach has been hospitalized, many fans believe he has passed away. But for the time being, he is still receiving treatment, so let's wait for more information from a reliable source.

Nick Lanners Age And Family

Nick Lanners's exact age is not available right now but he seems to be in his late thirties in a photo that got viral on Twitter.

A family must now deal with the pain of Nick's partial accident, which is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, his family is very concerned about him and has worked nonstop to raise money for his care.

A photo uploaded by the Gofundme page seems to be of Nick and his family. In the photo, a young man is sitting next to two children, a girl, and a boy along with a young lady. Maybe this is Nick's family.

His family along with his fans have created a gofund. me where they are collecting money from wishful donors for Nick's treatment.

This fundraiser is being organized by Swenson Morford. Until now $25,815 fund is collected. If you want to pray for him, you can make a small donation in the hopes that this tenacious coach will survive.

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