Who Is Nash.Dc On Tiktok? Is His Account Still Banned?


Nash.Dc is a social media influencer ( Source : Instagram )

Nash.Dc is a popular Tiktoker. He was near to getting 1 million followers before his account was suspended. 

Fans are worried after they find out that their favorite Tiktoker. Nash. Dc's account has been banned. They have been requesting the platform to unban his account. 

Who Is Nash.Dc On Tiktok?

Nash.Dc is a popular TikTok user known for his fashion and videos. He was quick to get attention from netizens- thanks to his charm and beauty. 

People immediately loved the platform's contents, and he nearly got 1 million followers. However, his profile was recently banned. 

As soon as his account was banned, fans worried over the issue. However, there were rumors that he already had a new account under the name @sqrr0w. 

Fans Worry Over Nash.Dc Banned Tiktok Account
Fans Worry Over Nash.Dc Banned Tiktok Account ( Source : Twitter )

It already has over 10k followers, but no videos are shared on the profile. Thus, the legitimacy of the account cannot be proven yet. 

Is Nash.Dc Account Still Banned?

The reasons for Tiktok to ban Nash.Dc account is yet to be revealed. His fans said that the content he published did not violate the community guidelines as well. 

Thus many think that his account was banned for no reason. Moreover, the possible reason for Tiktok to ban someone's account is if they found out that that user is using third-party apps to gain followers. Usually, this leads to a temporary ban and ends within a few days. 

Another reason to get banned is to violate the guidelines or if the contents indicate any kind of illegal activities. This could cause a permanent ban. 

Likewise, one common reason to get restricted to the platform is if the user is under 13. Children under 13 years old cannot own a Tiktok profile. If the company finds out, they will be banned immediately. 

However, the Tiktoker himself has not addressed the issue yet. But, his fans are appealing to Tiktok to unban his account and claim that his contents were never harmful. 

What Is Nash.Dc Real Name & Age?

Nash.Dc's real name and age have become curious for many people. The shocking truth for many fans was when it was revealed that he was under 18. Some said that he was just 16 years old. 

Some adult admirers expressed their concern about how they did not know they had a crush on a teenager. Nash had touched hearts with his charm, whether it was ladies or men. 

As there is a saying, looks could be deceiving- Nash does not look like a teenager, and many thought he might at least be over 18 years old. 

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