Who Is Michellenoble312 On Tiktok? Find Out What Happened To The Tiktoker At Atlanta Airport

Lori Michelle aka Michellenoble312 Shares About Her Experience At Atlanta Airport ( Source : Convention )

Michellenoble312 defined approximately a frightening enjoy at Atlanta airport on Tiktok. The video has over 95k views. 

A consumer on Tiktok named Lori Michelle these days mentioned how she went via a frightening enjoy on the airport. She stated a few unknown guys took images of her and her husband on the airport. And, she stated, their cognizance of the encompassing might also additionally have stored them. 

Tiktok: Michellenoble312 Atlanta Airport Drama

Michellenoble312 on Tiktok shared her enjoy on the Atlanta airport. She stated that she and her husband have been looking ahead to their bags after arriving on the airport. 

Suddenly, a person came, took a Snapchat video of them, and despatched it to someone. She and her accomplice have been shocked via way of means of what become happening. When they appeared around, they noticed  different guys who have been 100ft farfar from them take a picture/video of them in a panorama mode. 

They felt suspicious, and her partner began out taking images of these guys. They went to the airport safety to file this, however he stated that he might investigate it and did now no longer care much. 

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The couple notion they did now no longer have allies and have been on their very own and notion they might file it to law enforcement officials on account that that they'd images. The consumer stated that she felt the ones guys have been a part of trafficking jewelry and might have despatched their images/motion pictures for facial popularity to folks that have been in all likelihood out of doors the airport. 

Most of the time, humans from those jewelry entice humans via way of means of imparting reasonably-priced uber offerings and abducting them. Thus, she requested ladies to be privy to their environment on the airport. 

What Happened To Michellenoble312? 

Michellenoble312 shared her enjoy at Atlanta airport that reached many humans on Tiktok. People who had a comparable enjoy or the time they felt hazardous on the airport shared their facet of the tale as well. 

Some stated that there is probably protection issues withinside the airport on account that it's far one of the busiest Airpot withinside the world. Although there were no said unlawful sports withinside the airport, many humans stated that they'd felt hazardous in a single manner or another. 

Some stated that a few drivers out of doors the airport provide reasonably-priced rides to perform trafficking sports. Moreover, there were reviews that trafficking ladies have been a $three hundred million enterprise in Atlanta. 

Thus, Lori Michelle attempted to conscious humans- particularly ladies be cautious withinside the airport and now no longer take rides from any uber driver. It might be secure to apply apps in such times.

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