Who Is Lemeki Namoa? Head Prefect For Sacred Heart College Faces Prison Over Comancheros Gang Drug Ring

  Former head boy of Sacred Heart College Lemeki Namoa ( Source : Davelintott )

Lemeki Namoa led the First XV of Sacred Heart College for two years while serving as the school's Head Boy in 2017. After being busted dispensing drugs to the Comancheros motorcycle gang, the promising young rugby player's future is in doubt.

Namoa is now dominating news and media due to his impending sentencing in prison for involvement in the Comancheros gang's drug trade.

Who Is Lemeki Namoa?

Lemeki Namoa is better recognized as the former head boy of the prestigious Sacred Heart College in 2017. The boy was also the captain of the school's first XV for two years.

Alongside being an excellent academic achiever, Lemeki was also adept in sports. Lemeki was devoted to playing professional rugby since the age of 18. In a 2019 interview with The Blues, he claimed that his breakthrough rugby season came when he was 20. He was named the Development Player of the Year by The Blue Rugby Team in 2019 while playing rugby for the team Pakuranga United. The award was given by 2degrees for his outstanding performance that year.

"I believe being one of the older boys in their twenties going through all the programs, there is a big emphasis on my leadership game, and I'm happy now the boys just finished school, so I think that went a long way and helping me mature as a player," Lemeki said when speaking on the pace of how his game developed over the past few months to The Blues in 2019: "I think that went a long way and helping me mature as a player."

Lemeki Namoa And The Drug Trade

Lemeki Namoa, a former head boy of Sacred College, was busted supplying the Comancheros motorcycle gang with meth. Namoa himself never became a part of the Comancheros gang. His childhood buddies, who joined the gang after it established a branch in New Zealand in 2018, were the ones who first introduced him to the group, and he got entangled with the gang's illegal activities.

Auckland police were aware of the drug ring within and outside of the gang. Therefore, in 2020, they initiated Operation Cincinnati to investigate Comancheros and Rebels gangs' drug distribution. Lemeki Namoa was one of the offenders in Auckland police's Operation Cincinnati crime syndicate bust 2022. The operation, since its inception, has resulted in the seizure of drugs, money, and firearms, as well as 26 arrests—the seized assets accumulated to more than $10 million in worth.

 Lemeki Namoa is a rugby player
Lemeki Namoa is a rugby player ( Source : Nzherald )

Lemeki Namoa confessed to having the Class A substance and possessing methamphetamine for resale while in custody.

Lemeki Namoa Is In Prison

Lemeki Namoa faces prison over the Comancheros drug ring charges, as reported by Nzhearald on 30 July 2022.

 Lemeki Namoa faces prison over Comancheros gang drug ring
Lemeki Namoa faces prison over Comancheros gang drug ring ( Source : Nzherald )

The court trial was initially scheduled to run for eight weeks but is now only anticipated to last three weeks. Twelve people were chosen for the jury on 18 July 2022; however, Justice Campbell informed them that the trial would not start until 21 July 2022. According to recent news reports, Justice Campbell has already sentenced Lemeki Namoa to prison.

The remainder of the drug ring defendants' hearing will probably go on for the entirety of the following week or more.

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