Who Is Ken Warriner? Sally Warriner Former Husband of The Not Just the Wife of the General Manager Author


Sally Warriner, a registered nurse. ( Source : Raindrum )

Ken Warriner is the ex-husband of Sally Warriner, who recently wrote a book called Not Just The Wife Of The General Manager.

Sally is the author of the new renowned book Not Just The Wife Of The General Manager, which has recently been making rounds among the public.

She spent almost 25 years writing this book, which has received many positive reviews. The book also raised the public's curiosity about her former husband, Ken Warriner.

Who Is Sally Warriner Former Husband Ken Warriner?

Ken is mainly known as an Australian cattle industry leader. Warriner is a well-known figure in the Australian agriculture sector with more than 55 years of experience. He is best recognized as the founder, CEO, and former chairman of Consolidated Pastoral Company.

As chairman and a co-owner of Palladium, a worldwide consulting & project management firm that assists foreign communities in achieving economic growth and stability, Sally's ex-husband is kept busy traveling the world.

Ken has long provided agricultural advice to Australian governments and has been a part of the Red Meat Partnership since its founding in 2013, formerly known as the "Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector."

Warriner is a very prominent figure in the agricultural department in Australia and has contributed to different sectors of the country. Sally was also involved in many of Ken's personal life and worked when she married him. 

Who Is Sally Warriner?

Sally is a qualified nurse who used her training to assist the remote areas she resided in Australia along with her former husband, Ken Warriner.

She and her ex-husband resided on cattle properties in the outback for approximately 25 years. Sally recently wrote a book about her life experiences living and helping people in these remote areas.

The book focuses on how Sally changed her life and was helping people along with her former husband until she was 50. Looking back, Sally is very proud of all their accomplishments.

However, she made sure to pinpoint that she was much more than just the wife of a station manager. She tells the story from her perspective and the sacrifices she made to live the life she was living. The report mainly focuses on adventure, resilience, and her life's unexpected journeys. 

Sally Warriner Family Explored

Sally used to be a married woman. In the book, she wrote she briefly talked about raising her kids, and when her sons moved out to boarding schools, she finally left the cattle station.

Warriner's sons are now spread across Australia and working in agribusiness. She is a proud mother and very happy that her sons are also in agribusiness.

However, she has been divorced from her former husband, Ken, for some time. Nonetheless, she still loves the time she spent together and cherishes all their good deeds while they were together.

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