Who Is Jerry Colapinto From Atlantic City? Holy Prep School Teacher Arrested


Jerry Colapinto arrested ( Source : English )

A former Holy Prep school teacher, Jerry Colapinto, was arrested in Atlantic City. The Internet cannot stop talking about it at the moment. 

He was a veteran in the school until he finally retired last year. It is unusual for the school's name to come up after his departure. The arrest case has probably something to do with the institution.

Who Is Jerry Colapinto From Atlantic City? Holy Prep School Teacher Arrested

Jerry Colapinto is a retired teacher at Holy Prep School. The institution announced that after his dedicated service as a mentor to the students, he was finally retiring in the year 2021. It is said that he taught maths. 

The recent rumor surrounding him is quite bizarre. Jerry Colapnto from Atlantic city, a former Holy Prep School teacher, is arrested. This is not the first time the guiding light of children has been arrested. There are several instances where particular teachers get arrested for misbehaving with their children.

However, the last time there was an issue surrounding the school was back in 2009 when a teacher confessed that he was fired from the school because he was gay. After obtaining a marriage certificate in New Jersey with his partner, high school teacher Michael Griffin was sacked from his job at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem on Friday. According to the institution, this action contravenes the provisions of his teaching contract.

In another arrest case in Atlantic City, a Delaware man who admitted guilt to charges related to the sexual assault of a pupil he was overseeing while working as a teacher was given a 7-year sentence.

According to a news statement from Atlantic County Prosecutor Cary Shill, Thomas Herlihy, 37, of New Castle, Delaware, was sentenced in Superior Court in Atlantic County on January 21 after previously entering a guilty plea to the charge of aggravated sexual assault.

However, when it comes to jerry's case, utmost privacy has been maintained, and the news is yet to surface on the web. There is just buzz on social media that he got arrested, but the possible reasons for it have not been revealed yet. 

Jerry Colapinto Charges Explained

As Jerry's crime has not been disclosed by the authorities, his charges also cannot be explained for now. He has been arrested for some unknown reasons, and things will be known only after the department allows the media to know things. 

In the above Delaware case, The accusations were the result of an inquiry that showed he repeatedly engaged in sexual penetration against the female, who was under 16, while they were both in Atlantic City on June 1, 2016.

Authorities stated in the release that charges were brought after an investigation was started into an alleged sexual encounter between the female juvenile and Herlihy by the Delaware State Police Department, FBI, and Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.

However, in this, we do not know the kind of crime he committed; hence, the Internet is still debating it.

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