Who Is jaybirdbaby on Tiktok? Meet The Comic Books & Movies Enthusiast On Social Media


Jaybirdbabyy is a popular TikToker who has been going through racism controversy. ( Source : Tiktok )

Netizens have been lashing out at TikToker Jaybirdbabyy for her controversial statements on Batman characters. 

TikTok has been the easiest way to get recognition these days. One can garner thousands of followers within minutes of going viral on TikTok. 

The most recent racism controversy has marked the name Jaybirdbabyy on TikTok. She is popular for her hilarious skits and recreation of the animated characters on TikTok.

In addition to getting thousands of likes and followers on TikTok for the videos regarding comic characters, the TikToker has also been ridiculed and named a racist. 

Learn more about the TikToker Jaybirdbabyy and how her comments have affected her fanbase. 

Who Is jaybirdbabyy on Tiktok?

Jaybirdbabyy is a famous TikToker who creates videos based on comic and movie characters.

The user goes by the name @jaybirdbabyy on TikTok. She has over 27.8K followers and overall 3.7 million likes on her videos.

@jaybirdbabyy 🦇🦇🦇#batman #batfamily #batfam #waynefamilyadventures #brucewayne #nightwing #comics #comic #dc ♬ original sound - Abbey Howe

The user joined TikTok in 2021, and she became well-known for entertaining the audience with unique content. She usually makes videos about DC superheroes. 

Her recent comment about batman characters offended the DC fans, and they started calling her an undercover racist. The viewers claimed that her remarks were demeaning, and the user faces a lot of hate for the same reason. 

Jaybirdbabyy Comic Books & Movies Enthusiast Account

Jaybirdbabyy also has a separate Twitter handle for posting the comic arts. 

The e-celebrity enjoys reading and reviewing comic books. She makes videos about comic book haul and cosplaying techniques.  She offers her opinion on the cosplayers and recreates the DC superhero characters' reactions to different situations. 

Marina and Doll are the comic enthusiasts sisters duo under the name jaybirdbabyy.
Marina and Doll are the comic enthusiasts sisters duo under the name jaybirdbabyy. ( Source : Tiktok )

While most users find the TikToker funny, some find her unfunny and quite annoying. 

The ongoing contentious issue has been taking a dig at jaybirdbabyy's fame. She has even deactivated her Twitter handle, where she used to post comic avatars. 

Jaybirdbabyy Real Name & Instagram Details

The real name of the e-celeb under the TikTok name jaybirdbabyy is Marina. 

Marina and her sister Doll, both movie and comic books enthusiasts, created a joint TikTok account. They shared their love for comic books and gave feedback which ultimately rose them to fame.

Users are showing outrage at jaybirdbabyy for her controversial remark.
Users are showing outrage at jaybirdbabyy for her controversial remark. ( Source : Twitter )

Marina is more active than her sister, so she is more prominent as jaybirdbabyy. Following the racism scandal, the sisters changed their Instagram handle to a private account. 

They have around 316 followers on Instagram, with only 13 posts. Their Instagram @jaybirdbabyyy has a bio "Just two sisters who love comics."

How Old Is Jaybirdbaby on TikTok? 

Looking at her photos and videos, it can be estimated that Jaybirdbaby is in her early twenties. 

Marina has short hair with a fair complexion. After the controversy, a Reddit user Jaybirdbabyy issued an apology post.

But people are showing their outrage over the apology as they thought it was not from Marina's side. 

Even her supporters are lashing at her and demanding a proper apology for her actions. She had to limit the comments on her videos after people started to abuse her online.

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