Who Is Janell Davis-Mack? Food Network Host Eric Adjepong Wife And Wedding Pictures

  Eric Adjepong is a star chef who rose into fame after his time at Top Chef. ( Source : Mashed )

The first episode of The Great Soul Food Cook-Off on Discovery Plus in November 2021 and on OWN Network in May 2022 attracted significant viewers.

The show's devoted followers are delighted, and some have even begun to speculate about whether or not it will be renewed for more seasons. The crowd has been captivated by one of the judges, Janell Davis-Mack, who is also the wife of one of the competing chefs, Eric Adjepong. She has been an immediate favorite with the fans.

Who Is The Wife of Chef Eric Adjepong Janell Davis Mack?

Janell Davis-Mack, born in 1984, is a successful entrepreneur who runs her private interior design firm.

In addition, she and her husband, Eric, are the founders of the company Pinch & Plate. The couple's goal in establishing this business is to provide customers with professionally planned and catered meal experiences in the comfort of their own homes. William Mack, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident, is Janell's proud parent. William is a man of God who loves his family, works hard, and fears God. God has blessed William in many ways.

Information about Janell's mother is not known.

In November 2015, Janell Davis-Mack received the ring that Eric Adjepong had been waiting to give her. The pair exchanged vows at a traditional Ghanaian ceremony at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This wedding took place in May 2017. Despite this, the pair had already tied the knot in a Ghanaian ceremony held in September 2016 in Columbia, Maryland.

When Janell initially arrived in New York from Washington, DC, she attended a house party where she first met Eric. Janell thought Eric was handsome, and the two of them were introduced at the party. On the other hand, Eric does not remember the meeting in question. After some time had passed, Eric found her on Facebook and then requested to be her friend there. He did this, although he had forgotten when they had first met.

Eric Adjepong is married to Janell Davis-Mack and the couple has a beautiful daughter.
Eric Adjepong is married to Janell Davis-Mack and the couple has a beautiful daughter. ( Source : Kalamataskitchen )

Despite this, the two gave each other their phone numbers, and things quickly progressed from there. The first time Janell and Eric went on a date, they went to Cafe Lalo. Outside the cafe where they had their first date, Eric and Janell decided to marry after only a year.

Since they married, the pair has spent every day of their lives together in blissful contentment. Janell is the recipient of Eric's undying affection and adoration. Together, Janell and Eric are the parents of a girl. She was given the name Lennox and entered the world in September 2018.

Know More About Eric Adjepong: His Wikipedia Bio

Eric Adjepong was a contestant on Top Chef during both season 16 and season 17.

Eric was the first person in the show's history to make West African foods while competing. He could distinguish himself from the other contestants in a way that aided him in winning the competition.

Eric Adjepong has two books lined up for 2022.
Eric Adjepong has two books lined up for 2022. ( Source : Dc )

Eric has continued honing his kitchen abilities since appearing on Top Chef. During that time, he has also amassed a sizeable and devoted following due to the show. Eric is an American born and raised in New York City, making him a member of the first generation of Americans. Although his parents are of Ghanaian descent, they settled in the United States.

Eric's primary interest is unquestionably in cooking, but he also has ambitions to pursue interests in other fields. It was revealed in 2021 that Eric had signed a book deal with Penguin Random House to publish two novels. It was stated that the books would be released simultaneously. The first one will be a children's book, and the second one will be a cookbook.

Both books are anticipated to be available at some point in 2022.

Even though Eric's profession requires him to devote a significant amount of time, he never lets this prevent him from spending quality time with his family. He is a highly devoted husband and father. Eric enjoys spending time with the people he cares about.

Even though Eric enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen, it doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate getting some exercise and breathing in the fresh air. In the end, pauses are always a good idea, regardless of how much you enjoy your work. Hiking and other outdoor activities are two of Eric's favorite ways to spend time in the great outdoors, where he can appreciate the natural wonders surrounding him.

Eric also provides culinary lessons through his website, so if you're interested in picking up any of his pointers and techniques, you can do so there. He teaches all of his classes online. Before each session, Eric provides his students with detailed information regarding the materials they will need to purchase.

As a part of his job, Eric has worked as a chef at several exceptional establishments. Two of these have been honored with the Michelin Star. As his career progresses, he will be presented with many incredible possibilities without a shadow of a doubt.

 How Rich Is the Star Chef Eric Adjepong?

It has been stated that Eric Adjepong has a net worth between $3 million and $5 million.

His primary sources of income come from the hospitality industry, including restaurants and catering businesses. Eric is a well-known chef and caterer, and his name can be seen on the Wikipedia page for the Top Chef: Kentucky competition. As a well-known culinary expert and reality television personality, he will most likely receive a healthy paycheck and be generously paid for his work. In addition to it, he is also an investor in City-State Brewery.

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