Who Is Eva Chen Husband Thomas Bannister? Billion Dollar Baby Director and Their Combined Net Worth In Detail


Eva Chen is director of fashion partnerships at Instagram ( Source : Harpersbazaar )

People on Reddit discuss Eva Chen's husband, Thomas Bannister. He is the creative director at Billion Dollar Boy. 

Evan Chen has been in the fashion industry for decades. She has been editor-in-chief for a magazine named Lucky. She is currently taken as an influencer on Instagram. 

Reddit Discuss About Eva Chen Husband Thomas Bannister?- Is He Billion Dollar Boy Director?

Reddit discussed Eva Chen's husband, Thomas Bannister. He is a creative director of Billion Dollar Boy studio. He is also a founder of SXM Entertainment. The company started in 2008. 

He was an executive producer of a drama series, Los Ninos Sicarios, from January 2018 to November that year. He held the same role for Chef Refugee as well. 

He was also a creative director for Warp + Weft Launch Campaign. Likewise, he was a creator/executive producer for ChefShock, Twitch's first original program. 

Eva Chen and her husband Thomas bannister
Eva Chen and her husband Thomas bannister ( Source : Instagram )

Therefore, over the years, he has taken up the role of creator and executive producer for several brand campaigns and made miniseries such as SOS Island, Jumps Out, In A City w. Joseph Gordon Levitt, CrowdFunded, Trick Shot Lab, Fruit Ninja Live, The Comment Show, Armed Response, The Photographer, The Ultimate Multi-Tasker, Fact Checkers Unit James Franco Edition, etc. 

BEC Meaning Explained- Why People Use The Slang With Eva Chen?

BEC is a slang often used online. The full form is "B**ch Eating Crackers," which is used when someone annoys or irritates you regardless of whatever they do. 

The word is also similar to nitpicking. For example, people used the word to describe Eva Chen on Reddit because some said she had been annoyed by her online activities. 

Some people accused Chen of using social media to get free merch and stuff from various brands. Some said she keeps telling how they lack money to move out despite having two houses already. 

Some claimed that her current residence seems to be worth $2 million, yet she complains about things she does not have on Instagram, which people are dissatisfied about. That is why people have been talking about her on Reddit. 

Nonetheless, some fans said they love her, and she is not the Head of Fashion Partnerships for the social media platform for any reason. Fans said they love her content, and she is one of the few influencers they can tolerate and find fun to watch. 

Eva Chen Net Worth 

Eva Chen has worked for several fashion magazines over the years. As a result, she may have earned quite some wealth and may have an impressive net worth.

She worked as an intern at Harper's Bazaar while still in college. She worked for Cravath, Swaine & Moore for a short time after receiving her degree from Hopkins in 2001 before joining the then-newly launched shopping magazine Lucky. She eventually rose to the position of editor-in-chief.

After that, she joined Elle, where she spent three years working in the beauty section before taking the position of beauty editor at Teen Vogue. She joined Instagram, a Facebook-owned platform, in July 2015 to pursue collaborations with fashion companies.

She is also an author of the children's book I Am Golden (2022) which aims to empower Asian American youngsters by instilling in them a sense of self-worth and acceptance.

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