Who Is Amy Word From Evansville & What Was She Arrested For?

Amy Word Is A Board Member at EVSC ( Source : Courierpress )

Amy Word is a board member of a local school in Evansville. She is also a business owner whose name is quite famous in the neighborhood. 

Amy Word has been reported to be arrested. However, there is no clear information related to it, although it is said that she was booked in jail with a charge of "restricted substance-common nuisance-maintaining." 

Who Is Amy Word From Evansville?

Amy Word is the owner of Lamasco Bar & Grill at 1331 W. According to the Indian Secretary of State's Office, she has owned the place since 2009. 

She opened Amy's on Franklin at 1418 W in 2019, a High-end bar and restaurant on Franklin St. Detectives were dispatched to Lamasco Bar & Grill twice on Saturday morning, according to police dispatchers.

She won one of the two District 3 seats on the EVSC School Board in 2020 by a little under 5,000 votes. The Courier & Press said her name was on a list of probable mayoral candidates earlier this month. She had stated that she wanted to use her talent to serve the community. 

Likewise, in 2021, there were suspicions that she was in a romantic relationship with Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders, who is married. However, no news source was able to confirm the rumors. 

Instead, those who talked about it were criticized by citizens because there was no proof of it. The character of any political candidate must be clean. Since Ben had a wife, any other rumored relationship would have hurt his image and reputation. 

What Was Amy Word Arrested For? - Charges On Indiana Restaurateur

Amy Word, a local restaurateur and school board member was taken into custody early on Saturday. She was arrested, but nothing is known about the situation.

She was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail at 6:34 a.m. with a charge of "restricted substance-common nuisance-maintaining," according to the jail's website. The news was initially reported by The Courier & Press.

They claimed to have left a message with a spokeswoman for the Evansville Police Department asking for information regarding the incident. However, their reporter was informed by jail staff that probable-cause arrest papers for her detention were not yet available.

What Is Amy Word Net Worth?

Amy Word is said to be the board member of The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. Her professional career consists of vast experience, which may also make people wonder about her net worth.

She was a former science teacher herself and said that her interest in involving with the school as a board member was because of her roots. Her parents were teachers; her siblings are in the same profession. Thus, she said that it was kind of in her blood and found it an awesome thing for her.

She is well-known among the locals of Evansville. She also owns a small business in the area. It is a restaurant named Amy's on Franklin. She is also the driving force behind the growth of the West Franklin Street neighborhood.

She is the owner of Lamasco Bar and the Franklin Street Events Association founder. Her three main passions are her family, the arts, and the community. She enjoys relaxing on the porch and playing the guitar when she has free time. Isabelle, Andrew, and Cecilia are her three kids.

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