Who Bought the Roloff Family Farm? It Won't Be a Roloff, That's for Sure



As the drama with Roloff Farms continued to play out in Season 23 of Little People, Big World, fans of the TLC learned the "big house" and surrounding acreage was officially listed for sale. The listing went live on May 1, 2022, and as viewers watched Matt set out that "for sale" sign on the property, many have likely wondered: Who bought the Roloff family farm? Has it sold yet?

Keep reading to learn the latest.

Who bought the Roloff family farm?

As of July 19, 2022, the listing for the farmhouse and surrounding 16.46 acres — which is located at 23985 NW Grossen Drive, Hillsboro, Ore. — was still categorized as active. This indicates no one has bought the Roloff family farm yet. (Not necessarily that there haven't been any offers.) We'll update this as soon as a sale is pending!

Matt Roloff on Roloff Farms

It's worth noting that this is only a small portion of the sprawling 109-acre Roloff Farms. So even when Matt does sell it, he'll still own 93 acres.

The farmhouse is currently listed for $4 million. It features:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • 9 attached garage spots
  • central vacuum
  • full appliances
  • in-ground jetted tub
  • in-ground swimming pool.
Roloff farmhouse

The property also includes a number of "whimsical installations," according to the listing. This includes a "full-scale pirate's ship, a western town complete with a jail, bank, sheriff's office, general store, hotel, and blacksmith's shop modeled after Knotts Berry Farm, and a German-inspired medieval castle."

Roloff Farms pirate ship

Matt has dealt with family fallout after refusing to sell the farm to his kids.

In the LPBW Season 23 finale, Zach once again addressed the failed negotiations between himself and his father. "I'm gonna be sad to see the farm sold off to someone outside the family," he told producers. It's sad, but I don't think the relationship with my dad is gonna be the same."

Zach explained that it would have been nice to keep the farm in the family — but it was now time to move on.

"I was interested in buying the farm for my family, but like, I was fine with it not happening," Zach continued. "It's just how it went down. Like, I feel like there was lying, deceit. I think he just straight-up needed to say, 'I don't wanna sell the farm to you guys. I prefer to sell it to someone else,' and be done with it."

Amy Roloff, who sold her remaining shares of the farm property to Matt in 2020, addressed her feelings about Roloff Farms going to a buyer outside of the family.

"I'm still sad that one of the kids don't have it," she told her ex before criticizing the way Matt handled things. "I think you went crazy or something. I don't know the details of the negotiations, of what you dealt with the two boys. Like, for the price it is, the kids can't afford that."

Matt insisted he offered both Jeremy and Zach a "family discount" of "basically half off." But then he really got to the heart of what happened. "I'm glad that, even with all that, they made other decisions because I don't think the fit was quite right," Matt admitted. "You know if the kids had gotten it, I would be stuck maintaining it, you know, maybe even harder than I do now."

Amy concluded: "What we view as Roloff Farms and the family property is no more. It's just sad."

You can watch the entirety of Little People, Big World Season 23, as well as previous seasons, on the Discovery Plus app.

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