Who Are the New Bombshells 'Love Island USA'? One Has a Connection to Chase Stokes


Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg.

After a rebrand and a move to Peacock, Love Island USA officially returned for Season 4 on July 19. The debut episode made quite the splash, as 10 islanders entered the Villa for the chance to find love, to win $100,000, and to have the summer of a lifetime.

Though the dating show is all about chatting, coupling up, and re-coupling, the best laid plans are often thwarted when Bombshells enter the villa.

The Bombshells are new and eligible singletons who join the show with the goal of breaking up one of the already-existing couples.

While a Bombshell always arrives on Day 1 on any edition of Love Island, Season 4 of the U.S. version switched things up by having two brand new ladies enter. For those keeping track, that means that there are seven ladies in the villa, and only five men.

After the 10 original islanders coupled up, they got to know one another (with the help of an icebreaking game of Suck and Blow). Once the girls and guys split up to chat, the latter group got a text.


"Hi boys, sorry we're late. We'd like to invite two of you out on a date," the text read. "We'll leave you to decide who wants to join us! And don't tell the girls. #SwitchUp #DoubleTrouble."

The boys briefly deliberated before Felipe Gomes and Jesse Bray decided to head out on the date. Viewers got a brief glimpse at the new arrivals before the Season 4 premiere wrapped up, but who exactly are the new bombshells? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Mady and Valerie.

1. Valerie Bragg (23)

One of the two new Bombshells is Valerie, a nutritional consultant from Costa Rica who currently resides in Florida.

Growing up, the Bombshell played sports like basketball, football, and soccer — which means that she could get along well with former soccer player Felipe, who already said that he likes women with tattoos.

Her red flags are "slow walkers," people who give backhanded compliments, and who can't say sorry when they are in the wrong.

Per her bio, the 23-year-old once made out with Outer Banks star Chase Stokes. After their kiss, she said that some of his fans went after her online, because they blamed her for breaking up Chase and his co-star, Madelyn Cline.

2. Mady McLanahan (26)

The second Day 1 Bombshell is Mady, who is another Season 4 islander from Texas (Deb Chubb is from Dallas, and Jesse lives in Houston). Mady currently resides in Oklahoma City, Okla., and she works as a social media marketing manager. Her official TikTok page, @MadyMcLanahan, has more than 41,000 followers — and that number will surely rise as she spends time on the Peacock program.

According to her Love Island USA bio, Mady's red flags are when someone is too cocky, and when a person talks too much about money or possessions. Her favorite hobby, however, is online shopping.

Mady's green flag is a guy who is humble, and she was last in a serious relationship about six years ago.

Will Mady and Valerie turn heads on Season 4? You'll have to tune in to find out.

New episodes of Love Island USA drop at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock from Tuesdays through Sundays.

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