Who Are Druw Jones Parents? Meet The Proud Dad and Mom Behind MLB Second Pick


Druw Jones with No. 2 Pick in 2022 MLB Draft ( Source : Img )

Recent MLB draft prodigee Druw Jones was born to parents Andruw Rodolf Jones Nicole Derick Jones.

The Arizona Diamondback has selected Wesleyan's Druw Jones as the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. The Vanderbilt baseball signee, Jones is less likely to play for the Commodores, now that he has been picked as the top prospect in the MLB draft.

Who are Druw Jones's Parents? 

Father to Andruw Rodolf Jones and mother to Nicole Derick Jones, Druw Jones was born on 23, November 2003 in Atlanta Georgia.

The outfielder's mom played an important role in raising him and his sister Madison, giving them care and comfort as a mother. Nicole always shows up to watch her son play to show him support. She has also been seen taking snacks to the pitch.

Andruw and Nicole got married in 2002, and after 10 years, they split up. Christmas morning 2012, at 1:30 AM, the couple got into a huge fight, when drunk Andruw dragged her down some stairs, grabbing her ankle. It escalated to Suburban Court where Nicole filed a divorce complaint. The couple got separated later in January 2013.

The outfielder grew up with his younger sister, Madison Jones. Despite her father's and brother's fame, there's not much information about Madison.

2022 Gatorade Player of the Year, Druw Jones, is an American Citizen. Since his father Andruw is from Willemstad, Curacao, a constituent country of the Netherlands, his family's origin traces to that of the Dutch.

Druw Jones with his parents, Andruw Jones and Nicole Derick Jones
Druw Jones with his parents, Andruw Jones and Nicole Derick Jones ( Source : Americanstarbuzz )

The son of Braves legendary outfielder Andruw Jones, attended Wesleyan High School in Georgia playing as the center outfielder, as his father did.

Druw Jones is not the only one to have been drafted at MLB being the son of former big-league players. As the Baltimore Orioles has picked Jackson Holliday, son of former major-league outfielder Matt Holiday, with the No. 1 pick.

Druw Jones & His Father's Legacy

Little Jone's father, Andruw won 10 Gold Gloves, whose defensive aptitude unsurprisingly has been passed on to his son, Druw. The 18-year-old developed his passion for baseball at a very young age.

His father played for 17 straight seasons. For Curacaoan former designated hitter, 2005 was the best productive year, where he led his team to win by 51 runs.

As predictable, Andruw Jones started teaching his soon baseball tricks to pass down the knowledge he had amassed in his professional baseball career.

Andrew Jones was a generational talent at his time and soon became a household name in Major League Baseball.  Now, his young lad is also following his legacy.

Druw Jones practicing at Wesleyan High School
Druw Jones practicing at Wesleyan High School ( Source : I )

However, the youngster does want to get out of his father's shadow. While others may like to play the comparison games, little Jones believes he plays his own game, his own way. Druw intends to give his 100% and be known for his potential, and how he is as an athlete.


The Arizona Diamondback's Pick 

Well, the Diamondbacks do see his capability of playing as an elite center outfielder. After all, he's got the shape, the pedigree, the swagger, and the pace, he stands tall at 6-foot-4, Druw really is a dynamic five-tool player.

Brave's legendary defensive outfielder and five-time MLB All-star, Andruw Jones's 18-year-old son is leading up to the draft. 

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