Where Is Terry Joe Volner Today? What Happened To The Man Responsible For Dusty Guenther Murder?

Gina Guenther with her son Dusty Guenther ( Source : Dailymail )

Terry Joe Volner is currently in prison. For the murders of Jose Benitez and Dusty Guenther in 2011 and 2013, respectively, he is serving a life term without the possibility of release.

A four-year-old kid was killed in a gruesome manner in 2011. His killer, Tiller Joe Volner, received a life sentence, but his crime continued in prison too. 

Where Is Terry Joe Volner Today?

Terry Joe Volner is in prison for killing Dusty Guenther in 2011. He received a life sentence without any parole.

After the four years old was killed, he allegedly snapped several pictures. According to the prosecution, he took the horrific "trophy" images to show his mother, Tina Miller, that he had murdered Dusty Guenther, Gina Guenther's only child, who Volner was familiar with.

Although it was never discovered if the victim's mother and Volner had ever dated, the police said he was envious of her new boyfriend. They also found some love letters from him to Gina in the house. 

Gina Guenther and her children ( Source : Dailymail )

She was a mother of four children. As per court documents, one of her daughters was in the house when the murder occurred. Thankfully, she was unscathed. 

Gina worked when the incident happened; her two eldest daughters were at school. Although the three daughters were unharmed and no more bodies were discovered, Volner claimed that he had killed all four of the kids and Ms. Guenther's new lover.

The victim's body was found in an ice-covered lagoon near his home in Wright County, Missouri. However, it was revealed that he had served a three-year sentence for theft and was freed from jail before he started to live in Gina's house on and off. 

Dusty Guenther Murder- Who Were His Parents?

Dusty Guenther's murder shook the community. He was just four years old and left to a babysitter to be looked after. 

He was the child of Gina Guenther. She had a new boyfriend who visited her and her children at her home. However, it is unknown if Dusty's father was her lover. 

She had four children- three of them were daughters, and another was a son. Unfortunately, the identity of their biological father was never revealed to the public. 

Terry Joe Volner Sentence Explained

Terry Joe Volner had received sentences twice. One is for the murder of Dusty Guenther in 2011, and another is for striking 67-year-old Jose Benitez in 2013.

He had been serving a life sentence without parole for killing the child. And he was sentenced once again for murdering a fellow inmate. He had pleaded no guilty for five years of the crime.

However, when prosecutors wanted to seek the death penalty in the case, he pleaded guilty in 2018, as mentioned in KFVS. The prosecution also claimed that the purpose of killing Jose was to get monetary benefit from him. 

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