Where Is Terry Joe Volner Now? Extended Suicide And Son's Body Photos On Reddit

  Terry Joe Volner ( Source : Dailymail )

Terry Volner pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for the murder of Jose Benitez in 2013.  Volner, a native of Hartville, pleaded guilty in 2011 for the killing of 4-year-old Dusty Guenther; he was already serving a life term without the possibility of parole.

Authorities claimed Volner killed the youngster while watching him, sliced his throat, and put his body in a sewage lagoon.

Volner had intended to murder the boy's mother, her other three children, and her boyfriend; however, none of them suffered any injury.

Where Is Terry Joe Volner Now?

Terry Joe Volner is currently in prison for killing Dusty Guenther in 2011.  He was sentenced to life without the possibility of release.

Terry Joe  Volner killed four years old Dusty Guenther
Terry Joe Volner killed four years old Dusty Guenther ( Source : Dailymail )

He allegedly took several photos after the four-year-old was killed. According to the prosecution, the 22-year-old man took the horrific "trophy" images to show his mother, Tina Miller, that he had murdered Dusty Guenther, Gina Guenther's only child, with who Volner was highly familiar.

Although it was never established whether Volner and the victim's mother had ever been romantically involved, the authorities claimed he was jealous of her new lover.

In the house, they also discovered several love notes he had sent to Gina. She had four children of her. According to court records, one of her daughters was reportedly there when the murder occurred. She luckily escaped unharmed.

Gina was at work, and her two eldest girls were in school when the incident occurred. Volner claimed that he had murdered all four children and Ms. Guenther's new lover, although the three daughters were unhurt and no further remains had been found.

In Wright County, Missouri, close to his home, the victim's body was discovered in an ice-covered lagoon. However, it was later discovered that he had already served a three-year sentence for theft and had been released from prison before he intermittently resided at Gina's home.

Dusty Guenther Body Photo

Terry Joe Volner cut the throat of a four-year-old boy Dusty Guenther and texted his mother Gina Guenther a picture of the boy's necklacing body.

Necklacing is a kind of extrajudicial summary execution and torture frequently used in South Africa, including squeezing a burning tire around the victim's chest and arms.

Gina Guenther with her son Dusty Guenther
Gina Guenther with her son Dusty Guenther ( Source : Dailymail )

After killing the boy, Volner allegedly took a number of pictures, one of which showed the boy's lifeless chin being supported by a stick.

Terry Joe Volner, who was babysitting Dusty at the time of the youngster's murder, was arrested and admitted to killing the boy.

The death of Dusty Guenther shocked the community. He was just four years old when he was left in the care of a babysitter.

He was Gina Guenther's child. Her new boyfriend paid a visit to her and her kids at home. Whether Dusty's father was her boyfriend is uncertain, though.

Terry Joe Volner Twitter And Reddit Reaction

Terry Joe Volner, who killed a four-year-old baby, has been the topic of discussion on Twitter and Reddit. People have been looking for information about him online and posting about him.

Volner has already been given two sentences. One is for the 2011 murder of Dusty Guenther, and the other is for the 2013 attack on Jose Benitez, who was 67 years old.

He had been given a life sentence without the possibility of release for the child's murder. He was sentenced once more for the murder of a fellow prisoner.

For five years following the crime, he had not admitted guilt.

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