Where Is Marie Anne Thiebaud Today? New Shania Twain Netflix Documentary Goes Deeper into Mutt Lange Affair


Shania Twain called quits with her husband Robert Mutt Lange after discovering that he cheated on her with her bestfriend. ( Source : Closerweekly )

The relationship between Marie Anne Thiebaud and Robert John Mutt was the controversial highlight of every celebrity media. 

Marie Anne is the best friend of the famous singer Shania Twain. Shania's life turned upside down when she found that her husband, Robert John Lange, was allegedly cheating on her with her best friend, Marie.

Robert Mutt Lange is an eminent songwriter and producer who sparked controversy because of his relationship drama. He produced many songs with his then-wife Shania, including the 1997 best-selling album Come On Over. 

After the celebrity scandal unfolded, Marie decided to avoid media scrutiny. This article gives you a peek into the relationship of Marie Anne and Robert Lange and where they are in today's date.  

Where Is Marie Anne Thiebaud Today? Is She Still Together With Mutt Lange?

Marie and Robert are still thought to be living together somewhere in Switzerland. 

Thiebaud became ill-famed after betraying her best friend by starting a relationship with her husband, Robert Mutt. She was called a husband-snatcher by the netizens. 

Marie Anne served as a Swiss assistant to Shania Twain
Marie Anne served as a Swiss assistant to Shania Twain ( Source : Pbs )

Marie also worked as an assistant to the singer Shania and managed her 46-room palace in Switzerland. It was devastating for Shania to experience double betrayal from her husband and best friend. 

She first learned about her husband's extra-marital affair from Marie's husband, Frederick Thiebaud, who had found the phone and hotel receipts. 

Shania married Frederick on January 1, 2011, in Puerto Rico. She says that Fred gave her the courage to deal with the trauma and to love again. 

Mutt Lange Mistress Age and Affair Timeline

The 73 years old, Mutt Lange already had two broken relationships before meeting Shania. 

Robert married the Zambian singer Stevie Vann in the 1970s. They had fallen in love after attending the same school and playing together in the same band.

Shortly, the duo separated, and Mutt moved on with his co-worker Oonagh O'Reilly. They got into a relationship while Robert was still married. 

Mutt called off the five years relationship with Oonagh and again fell in love with the talented country singer Shania Twain. They tied the knots on December 28, 1993, in a non-alcoholic wedding. 

Shania Twain married Marie's ex-husband Federick Thiebaud.
Shania Twain married Marie's ex-husband Federick Thiebaud. ( Source : Imagesvc )

After finding out about his love affair, Twain announced separation from Lange on May 15, 2008. 

Mutt got into a relationship with Marie Anne, who people label his mistress. The pair are believed to be married and have a daughter named Johanna. 

New Shania Twain Netflix Documentary

The Canadian songwriter is kickstarting her career on Netflix with a new documentary that will premier on July 26. 

Twain's documentary named 'Not Just A Girl' highlights the chronicles of her relationship and life struggles. 

Shania's new Netflix documentary will premier on July 26.
Shania's new Netflix documentary will premier on July 26. ( Source : Townsquare )

"Taking the risks to do things your way can be scary. You gotta be brave," says Shania in the documentary's trailer. 

The five times Grammy Awards-winning singer is releasing the film with the same name as her new song.

The documentary depicts the upbringing of the singer in a low-income family in the small town of Timmins, Ontario, followed by her relationship with ex-husband Robert Mutt and her label in Nashville. 

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