Where Is Jasmine Hartin Now? Belize Police Officer Henry Jemmott Shooting


Canadian Jasmine Hartin was charged with manslaughter by negligence in the death of senior superintendent Henry Jemmott. ( Source : Caribbean )

Jasmine Hartin is a Canadian socialite charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmorr, one of Belize's most beloved and vital cops.

The unfortunate incident happened on May 28, 2021, when officials found Hartin pacing on a pier covered in blood near the five0bedroom condo she shared with Andrew Ashcroft, the son of a British billionaire, and her common-law husband.

Since the incident, her case has become a cause celebre for the international media, its explosive combination of money, drugs, sun, and murder. She was also accused of scheming to run out the magistrate overseeing her child's custody battle.

Where is Hartin now? What had happened between the pair that led to the death of a police superintendent? Here is everything we know about the case. 

Where Is Jasmine Hartin Now?

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin, originally from Ontario, was charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting death of top police superintendent Henry Jemmott and was eventually released on bail. 

For Jemmott's family, justice would be Jasmine charged with murder. Her trial hasn't been set yet. Under Belizean law, the socialite could get as much as five years for manslaughter and as little as a fine with no jail time.

The socialite captured the world's attention at the end of May. The authorities found her after midnight on May 28, 2021, drenched in blood on a deserted pier near the home she shared with partner Andrew Ashcroft.

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin in cuffs.
Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin in cuffs. ( Source : Caribbean )

Officers discovered the Police Superintendent in the water nearby, he had a fatal gunshot wound behind his right ear. The bullet allegedly had been shot from his own gun. After the incident, there were rampant rumors about the pair.

Many questions were raised about why the pair were alone on a pier at that hour. Were infidelity or drugs involved? Jasmine denied having a sexual relationship with Jemmott; however, the anticipation was fueled by reports that she had altered her story about what happened that night.

She initially told authorities that a stranger had killed the police officer. Hartin said that a passing boat shot him. After a jailhouse meeting with an attorney, she reportedly confessed she had accidentally fired the fatal shot herself.

Jasmine Hartin - Henry Jemmott Shooting

Jasmine Hartin has always maintained that she accidentally shot and killed her friend, Henry Jemmott, Belize's top police commissioner. She stated a tragic accident happened while the pair were boozing. However, the cop's family believes it was a murder.

She reportedly admitted she fired the fatal shot accidentally and was charged with manslaughter by negligence and eventually released on bail. 

On the night of the shooting, Hartin and Jemmott were drinking before going to the pier, where she gave him a shoulder massage, and the Police Superintendent tried teaching her how to load and unload the bullets from his Glock 17 service pistol.

Hartin further stated that Jemmott was her close friend and had been urging her to get a gun for self-protection since rescuing her from a near sexual abuse about a week earlier. "It was an accident, or the gun misfired," she said.

Jasmine Hartin Age -Wiki Bio

Jasmine Hartin is thirty-three years old from Ontario. He is the former daughter-in-law of Michael Ashcroft, a British billionaire. She was accused of shooting dead a friend and a Belize police officer, Henry Jemmott, last year.

Many misjudge her as a billionaire, which entitles her to a spoiled rich girl, a wild, crazy party girl hanging from the rafters. However, she describes herself as a businesswoman, a mother, a friend, and a wife.

Meet The Children Of Jasmine Hartin

Jasmine Hartin is the common-law wife of hotel developer Andrew Ashcroft, the son of a British billionaire. Following the shooting, the wealthy Ashcrofts have used their power, money, and contacts to thwart her attempt to see her kids.

Jasmine Hartin has always maintained that the killing of her friend Henry Jemmott was a tragic accident.
Jasmine Hartin has always maintained that the killing of her friend Henry Jemmott was a tragic accident. ( Source : Goalz )

Hartin has loudly proclaimed that the Ashcrofts and supposedly vengeful Belizian authorities have torpedoed her tries to visit her children. She was briefly detained after investigators received details suggesting a woman had hired a street gang for the contract murders.

Nevertheless, the legal eagle called the allegations preposterous and was confident Jasmine would be quickly released. "These allegations are untrue, absurd, and a blatant abuse of power," her mother, Candice Castiglione, stated.

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