Where Is Fort Stewart Chance Johnson Today? PV2 Military Detained For Rant on Video


Chance Johnson, arrested for domestic violence. ( Source : Wabe )

Chance Johnson was a Fort Stewart who was arrested after a video of his violent outburst was posted online.

Fort Stewart officials identified a soldier who was apprehended following a viral social media video of him acting erratically at Oglethorpe Mall on July 15, 2019.

The video sparked a lot of interest, and Johnson was under the public's scrutiny. The footage was circulating all over the internet, and Johnson was expected to be held accountable for his actions.

Where Is Fort Stewart Chance Johnson Today?

After the video of Johnson surfaced online, the authorities quickly held him accountable for his actions. He was charged with violation of article 86, violation of article 90, violation of article 91, violation of article 128b, and violation of article 134.

He was charged with several accusations such as domestic violence, domestic misconduct, disobeying a superior commissioned officer, absence without leave, and several others.

A preliminary hearing officer assessed Johnson's accusations and advised the command on how to proceed. He was held in military custody.

However, after the altercation, Chance has not been seen ever since. He stayed low in public and has not gotten into another argument after the ordeal. He has also been away from the media's eyes ever before. 

The Video Involving Chance Johnson Explained

The man can be seen swearing and even pulling the arm of the woman he was in the footage. The individual was fully uniformed, and according to the military police, he was a soldier with the 3rd Infantry Division (ID). He even swears in the video at one point to disparage the nation.

The event, which has received over 300,000 views on social media, is currently the subject of an inquiry, according to 3rd ID officials. One of the ladies engaged in the event was De'Minka Spaulding. She said she and a companion were waiting for a parking place when the altercation began.

The man allegedly continued by accusing them of impeding him from getting to his car. Spaulding's buddy captured the footage from a neighbouring automobile. You can see the man ranting and ripping off his military jacket as the debate gets more heated. Spaulding then begins recording on her phone.

He clutches and twists the arm of the lady who is accompanying him after she makes an apparent attempt to calm him down.

How Did The Public React To Chance Johnson Behavior?

The video was quick to make rounds on the internet. People started retweeting and resharing the footage to hold Johnson accountable for his acts.

According to Fort Stewart officials, Johnson was accused of at least five offenses, including domestic abuse and disorderly behavior.

The video was passed on to the authorities by Johnson's wife. The woman Johnson is seen to be hurting in the video is Chance's wife, and she could not take the domestic violence any longer.

She has finally received peace since Johnson was charged with all his offenses. He could still be facing the charges today and was also let go from his previous job. 

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