Where Is David Schechter Going & Why Is He Leaving WFAA After 16 Years?


Reporter/Host of Verify Road Trip, David Schechter ( Source : Twitter )

David Schechter is a senior reporter and co-producer of Verify who will garb the new opportunity after leaving the WFAA on July 22, 2022. 

Schechter is the reporter/hots and co-producer of Verify, which is the production of WFAA-TV and TEGNA Media. In 1993, the host began his career as an anchor and reporter on KGUB_TV in Dubuque, Iowa. Later, he joined WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, Ohio Area as a reporter. 

Moreover, Schechter was appointed at WDAF-TV FOX4 as a Special Projects Reporter and worked in Kansas City for three years. He has served as an Investigative Reporter on WCCO-TV for seven years in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. 

Where Is David Schechter Going

Schechter is leaving the channel for the exciting opportunity but has not disclosed where he is going. But he is sad about leaving the platform where he worked for a long time, and he loved being here and part of the WFAA family.

Although the reporter loves all the opportunities available here, he is leaving for his career. Dallas and WFAA were lucky to have a figure like him as he had done monumental work.

The team is thankful for the contribution of Schechter. First, he had verified road trips that broke the mold of television storytelling. The host is open to challenges and makes people part of his work.

Teresa Woodard has shared the news on Twitter. She has tweeted,' You make the world a better place, @DavidSchechter. It's been a privilege to be your colleague, and I'm going to miss you more than I can explain! Incredible journalist. Even more amazing human beings.

Schechter has replied, "Thank you, Teresa. You are the heart of @wfaa. I love and admire you as a person and a journalist. And I find @JesseWFAA mildly tolerable."

Why Is David Schechter Leaving WFAA After 16 Years? 

WFAA has posted on youtube about the news of leaving Schechter leaving after 26 years of serving in the news channel. A young, fresh-faced walked through the door WFAA 16 years ago.

Woofrad has made an impression on David and talked about his journey on the news platform. First, he came to the reporting, he was new to Dallas, and at that time, no one knew what difference he would make to the member of the news channel and the audience.

Today is the last day of Schechter at WFAA, and he was present in his last moment with host Teresa Woodard. She asked the reporter how he was feeling, and he answered he was pulling it together.

What Happened To David Schechter?

Schechter is reasoning from WFAA after getting a better opportunity. The reporter is heading for another platform and adventure after working on WFAA television as a Senior Reporter and host of Verify. 

Further, Schechter has won outstanding awards, including DuPont, the award which is the Oscars in the news forum. He has served the channel for 15 years and 11 months and quit his post as co-producer of Verify.

Schecter fans have tweeted, 'He will get missed. You're news stories, particularly the verify and below 30 series, were outstanding. I also loved the story about climate change and how the heat at night results from it. Thank you, and I wish you the very best.'

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