What Religion Does Magomed Ankalaev Follow? Details We Know About The Fighter's Belif


Magomed Ankalaev, a professional UFC fighter. ( Source : Instagram )

Magomed Ankalaev is a Russian professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who follows the Muslim religion. 

Ankalaev is a Russian professional MMA fighter currently fighting in the UFC in the Light Heavyweight division. He is ranked fourth among light heavyweights in the UFC as of March 14, 2022.

Before that, Ankalaev was the former Light heavyweight champion of the World after he fought Akhmat. He has had an outstanding UFC career and has a huge fanbase.

Is Magomed Ankalaev Muslim? His Religion And Ethnicity Explored

Magomed is very religious, and he follows the Muslim religion. He often shares pictures of himself celebrating different religious festivals on his social media accounts.

Magomed Ankalaev in one of his Instagram posts. ( Source : Instagram )

Ankalaev also posts pictures wearing different traditional attires and outfits on his Instagram account. He is very involved in his culture, and his nationality is Amish.

He was born in Jedidiah Alibulatovich, Dagestan, Russia. Magomed is a Dagestani fighter, and the Dagestani fighters have a reputation in the UFC. Likewise, Magomed is a very skilled Dagestani fighter who has repeatedly proved himself. 

At the Dagestan State University, where he graduated in the sports faculty, Ankalaev initially started training in Greco-Roman wrestling for a year.

Who Are Magomed Ankalaev Family Members?

Ankalaev was born in Russia on June 2, 1992, and is currently 30 years old. He is very close to his family, and they have supported his choices and hobbies since he was very young.

Magomed began competing in combat sambo, for which he received the honorary title of Master of Sports. Due to MMA and combat sambo similarities, Ankalaev felt driven to switch to MMA. Ankalaev later won the title of Russian and World Amateur MMA Champion.

The Russian MMA Federation also awarded Ankalaev the 2015 Russian Mixed Martial Artist. So far, his UFC career has also been pretty solid. He has won many fights and proved his skills among the viewers. He is a very skilled mixed martial arts fighter with loyal fans supporting him from around the globe.

What Is Magomed Ankalaev Net Worth In 2022?

Magomed Ankalaev's net worth is reportedly believed to be approximately $900,000. His UFC bout purses account for the majority of his earnings.

According to Sports Daily, the boxer earned $116,000 for his matchup with Oezdemir. When Ankalaev defeated Cutebela at UFC 254, he received the highest bout payout of $125,000.

Throughout his career, he has earned quite a reasonable sum of money. His UFC paychecks have also been very rewarding throughout his UFC career. Considering how good Magomed is, his upcoming fights will surely start paying him even more, and his net worth is bound to increase in the coming years. 

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