What Happened To Sticky Fingers Singer Dylan Frost At Melbourne?

While performing their song Not Done Yet, the microphone broke down, which caused the singer Dylan Frost to punch his microphone, throw his guitar, and storm off the stage. 

Fans posted the video related to the incident on their Twitter account during the show.

The band members were met with loud boos from the fans while exiting the stage. The crowd waited for another 10 minutes after the outburst; an organizer had announced that the final show of the Australian tour was canceled. 

The people who attended the concert were not happy as the reason for the show's cancelation was unclear. Fans took their frustration to the band's Facebook. 

Fans who attended the concert were demanding a refund as most of them had to fly to Melbourne for the concert and could not enjoy the entire show.

Many fans claimed that they had to wait over two hours for the Sticky Fingers to perform. 

The band has not come forward with a statement regarding the cancellation of the show and the frontman Dylan Frost's behavior. 

Dylan Frost with his band members.
Dylan Frost with his band members. ( Source : News )

Sticky Fingers Band Sexual Assault & Racist Controversy

In 2016, the frontman Dylan Frost was accused of 'shirt fronting' Indigeneos band Dispossessed during a concert in Sydney. Frost was also accused of racist taunts towards them during the show. 

Frost has also been accused by indigenous singer Thelma Plum of violence against women. Dylan had started to argue with a friend when Plum tried to ease the situation Frost got right in her face and started swearing and spitting at her. 

When they were in the Uber Dylan came back ran towards the car and started swearing again, Plum was scared that she would get hit in the face, but his friend was in the middle every time Dylan swung his arm. He also started fights when he was drunk and bored. 

The band decided to go on a hiatus due to internal issues. Dylan also decided to check into rehab for his alcohol problem and mental health issues, and he was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia. 

After a long year of hiatus, the band gave their first interview related to previous allegations related to racism and misogynist abuse. Many fans were expecting a thoughtful and honest interview; they were disappointed by their "boys will be boys" answer as the band didn't understand the serious issues and allegations they were facing.

Fans pointed out that they had not learned their lesson after a long hiatus due to the allegations. 

Sticky Fingers Band Members, Lead Singer Dylan Frost's Net Worth

According to All Famous Birthdays, Frost has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He has earned his money from his music career. 

With his band Sticky Fingers, he released the first EP Helping Hand in 2009. They released their debut album, Caress Your Soul, in March 2013; the album reached No. 39 on the Australian Albums Chart. 

In 2014, they released their second album, Land of Pleasure which reached No.3 on the Australian Albums Chart. On 30 September 2016, they released their third album Westway; the album debuted at No. 1 on the Australian Albums Chart. 

They released their comeback single Kick On on April 13, 2018.