What Happened To Ontario Mills Shooting? Who Are The Active Shooter And Victims? Here Is All Details

 Police reports that shooting at Ontario Mills mall was false ( Source : Thesun )

A California Ontario Mills shopping center has been reported to have an active shooter. Police later confirmed that the rumors of a shooter at the Ontario Mills mall were untrue.

The Ontario Fire Department sent units to the mall after receiving "several reports stating they are sheltering in place."

Other social media posts claimed that others were hiding in the mall, but the allegations of a shooter were shortly disproved.

What Happened To Ontario Mills Shooting?

Shoppers at Ontario Mills were alarmed on Saturday night by false gunfire claims. It was found that there was no active shooter situation at the Ontario Mills mall.

The Ontario Fire Department reports that numerous callers have indicated they are taking cover.

Following multiple reports of gunshots heard inside the mall and shoppers taking cover, the Ontario Fire Department posted between 7:26 and 7:32 p.m. that it was responding.

Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz tweeted that the mall had been cleared and that the active shooter claims were untrue at 7:41 p.m.

People have reported seeing other customers fleeing as staff hurried them inside and closed the doors on social media.

Social media videos depict customers leaving the mall while an alert can be heard in the distance. One of the region's most extensive shopping and tourist locations is the Ontario Mills retail and outlet mall, which is situated in San Bernardino county.

Active Shooter And Victim At Ontario Mills Shooting

Despite what was reported, there was no active shooter in the Ontario Mills mall on Saturday night. Officers from Ontario PD searched the mall for potential threats out of caution.

The Ontario Police Department (OPD) went to an incident at the Ontario Mills mall and found no active shooter. There is no proof of gunfire, and there are no known injuries.

Chief Mike Lorenz stated that there is no active shooter at the Ontario Mills Mall despite reports to the contrary.

Chief Mike Lorenz said tweeted about Ontario Mills
Chief Mike Lorenz said tweeted about Ontario Mills ( Source : Twitter )

The mall is secured. The department said there was no proof of a shooter but also cautioned residents to avoid the area as investigators looked into it.

How Many People Are Injured At Shooting?

There were no injuries amid false reports of an active shooter at the Ontario Mills mall on Saturday night.

Internet users shared the video of shoppers fleeing the mall while some were hiding inside as it was being locked by personnel on social media.  

When Ontario PD arrived at an incident at the Ontario Mills shopping center, they found no active shooter. 

What prompted shoppers to call in to report hearing gunshots is unknown. In the end, police claimed that although they had reacted to a disturbance, there was no sign of a shooting and no one had been hurt.

Ontario Mills, a retail and outlet area in San Bernardino County, Ontario, California, is one of the state's most popular tourist and shopping destinations.

Simon Property Group has been in charge of three California Mills landmarks since April 2007.

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