What Happened To Michael Dornellas? Details About The Shark Week Host

Michael Dornellas, host of Shark Week. ( Source : Youtube )

Michael Dornellas was the Shark Week host and a professional free diver who passed away in 2021.

Michael was a very talented person who was also passionate about free diving. He was a certified PADI Rescue Diver and he also appeared on shark week before his passing.

Dornellas passing left many of his fans in shock. They rushed to social media to express their sadness and pay respect to the late Shark Week host.

What Happened To Michael Dornellas And How Did He Die? 

Dornellas passed away on May 17, 2021. Chris Gillette, one of his friends, posted a notice about his passing on his official Facebook page.

Michael Dornellas during a dive. ( Source : Blog )

Chris praised Michael as a gifted and invaluable shark advocate who had a profound impact on his life and his views on diving, sharks, and underwater photography.

Michael's friend also praised Dornellas for how brave and passionate he was about sea life and the advocate he was for the sharks. He also explained that Michael was a huge inspiration to everybody and his legacy will forever continue even after his passing. 

However, the cause of Michael's death has not been revealed to the public. Even though his passing was made online, no information related to his death was shared on the internet. 

Did Michael Dornellas Pass Away In An Accident?

Michael's passing has not been made public. So there is no information about how the Shark Week host passed away. Even though a rumor claiming Michael passed away after getting into an accident is going around.

There have been no leads on his passing and the rumor has not been confirmed by Michael's family and friends so it is still hard to tell if he passed away cause of an accident.

A breathtaking video from the Bahamas captures a similar incident involving Michael. Dornellas was filming underwater when a large shark swam right at him. His mask was broken by the violent impact, which also injured his fact. A friend who was with Dornellas during the dive videotaped the strange hit.

Oddly enough, Dornellas had been there often and had seen the shark before. A straightforward explanation for the crash may also exist the shark was blind in one eye. Dornellas, being a professional, didn't allow a shark punch to the face to ruin his day. He returned to the sea and finished his day of diving after swimming to the top to grab a new mask.

However, this was the only close encounter or accident involving Dornellas that was made online.

Michael Dornellas Orbituary Explored

Dornellas' Obituary and funeral arrangements were also not publicized. They held a funeral just for close family and friends and did not reveal any information about the funeral online.

Thousands of messages and condolences started pouring online for Michael. Statements expressing respect, adoration, and thanks for Dornellas are common on social media users' timelines as people express their sorrow over her loss.

Michael was just creating some amazing content for Shark Week and living the life before he passed away. He will forever be remembered for his works. 


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