What Happened To k9 Arlo? Tiktok Star Story And Retired As A Police Dog After Two Fatal Gun Shots

  K9 Arlo Admitted In Hospital ( Source : Theintercept )

Internet well-known star K9 Arlo has officially retired from service as a police dog after being injured.

K9 Arlo is one of the famous social media popular dogs. After serving two nearly fatal gunshot wounds, he has received much attention and millions of TikTok followers.

Arlo's social media following is getting viral on the internet with the great German Shepard content. K9 Arlo swapped his K9 unit for a social media career, and he is doing well.

Furthermore, Arlo has helped police officers solve many cases through his powerful ability. As a dog, he has received many awards throughout his career.

This article examined K9 Arlo's story and the controversy surrounding the dog's shooting.

What Happened To k9 Arlo?

TikTok star K9 Arlo has retired after being shot twice in the line of duty.

K9 Arlo Getting Medical Treatement
K9 Arlo Getting Medical Treatement ( Source : Ktvz )

In January 2021, K9 Arlo suffered gunshot wounds to the vertebrae and his leg. One bullet was a fire near his spine. The doctor gave Arlo a minimum chance of survival, but the surgery worked, and got recovered.

However, Doctor Jen Warnock, the surgeon who operated on Arlo, said, "It is a miracle that Arlo's still alive." The C6 vertebra was shattered; the bullet missed an artery that would've killed him by a millimeter; it could have destroyed his carotid artery."

KOMO News has reported, " Right now, a police dog and an armed driver are in hospital after a police chase and fatal shooting overnight in Thurston Country."

Moreover, Arlo underwent rehab after surgery, swiftly regaining mobility. Nevertheless, the Sheriff's Department opted to retire Arlo as they did not want the dog to suffer while serving the community.

In addition, Arlo has retired from his, and currently, he is receiving good treatment from the medical team. As of recent reports, his health is fastly getting recover.

Police Dog Story And Health After Two Gun Shots

Police Dog Arlo is seriously injured after two Gunshots to his vertebrae and legs. 

K9 Arlo In His Duty
K9 Arlo In His Duty ( Source : Ktvz )

Arlo's health was in critical condition after the gunshot, and he had a minimal chance of survival. However, luckily police dog was able to survive, and he is recovering well in the hospital.

Moreover, The Thurston country Deputy Sheriff Foundation organized a GoFundMe page and raised more than $73,000 for Arlo's medical bill. Arlo grew his fan following on TikTok by more than 2.5 million and 130,000 on his Instagram.

However, after the gunshot, he seeks more attention from locals. Many people raised funds for his treatment, and now he is recovering well.

Where Is k9 Arlo Now?

After the retirement, there are not much more updates about k9 Arlo on the websites and internet. He might be taking rest for his smooth recovery.

Furthermore, the dog K9 Arlo can be found on Instagram with the name @officialk9arlo with 162k followers, 1962 followings, and 266 posts in his Instagram ID. 

In addition, after watching his photos on Instagram, we get to know he is a pure breed of German Shepard. This type of dog is a little more aggressive and used mainly by police officers.

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