What Happened To Itssaniak On TikTok? Details About The Tiktok Video Creator


Sania Khan, TikToker and Photographer ( Source : Fox32chicago )

TikToker, who went by the name Itssaniak, whose real name is Sania Khan, was murdered by her ex-husband shortly after filing for divorce on July 18, Monday.

A young South Asian woman went viral on the video-sharing app TikTok after sharing her story about divorcing her toxic husband shortly after getting married.

The TikToker was finally claiming her life and starting to live her best life after separating from her husband when she lost her life.

Who Is Itssaniak On Tiktok?

Sania Khan, who went by her username Itssaniak on her TikTok account, blew up after her video about her divorce from her newly married husband went viral with over 450.8k views.

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Khan was a South Asian woman from Pakistan living in the U.S. and was recently married to another South Asian man named Raheel Ahmed.

She was a former flight attendant and a photographer who shared beautiful pictures of weddings and couples in love along with travel photography.

Sania got married sometime in mid-2021 to her long-term boyfriend, but their marriage did not work out. So, the young photographer shared her journey of going through divorce as a South Asian woman on her TikToks which gained her a lot of support.

What Happened To The Travel Photographer?

Shortly after going viral and filing for divorce, her estranged ex-husband murdered Sania Khan in Chicago. According to the reports, he traveled from Georgia to Chicago and shot her dead.

On Monday, around 4:30 pm, officers arrived at the 200 block of East Ohio Street where the young photographer lived, and as they knocked on the door, they heard a gunshot and a man groan.

After entering the building, the police found young Sania on the floor with a gunshot wound on the back of the head with dried blood on the face. Upon searching the place, they also found her ex-husband, Raheel Ahmed, in the bedroom, shot in the head.

The officers at the scene claimed that Khan was found dead on the scene, while police found Ahmed with a 9mm Glock handgun and a suicide note.

Sania had mentioned on her posts on TikTok that her husband was toxic and not who she thought he was, but no one expected him to show up at her door and kill her.

Raheel went missing from his house in Atlanta that day which led to his parents filing a missing report as he was depressed, according to his family.

Sania Khan Age

Sania Khan was only 29 years old when her life ended at the hands of her ex-husband. Based on her social media, mostly her content on TikTok, she seemed like a beautiful girl with so much talent and potential.

She got married to her husband in 2021, sometime around June, when she posted gorgeous videos of her preparing for her wedding.

The 29-year-old photographer posted a video on her TikTok account in May of 2022 about her divorce from her then-husband, Raheel Ahmed, who was 36 years old.

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Most of her videos since then have been about finding herself again after her toxic relationship and the toxicity of South Asian culture and mentality against divorce.

Family Of The Deceased Photographer

The TikToker and photographer, Sania Khan, came from a South Asian family and her parents are Pakistani.

Sania’s father, Haider Farooq Khan, took to her Facebook account and announced the demise of her daughter, stating,

“My oldest daughter Sania Khan passed away. Her funeral (Janaza) will be Thursday after the Asr prayer. Chattanooga Islamic center. Please keep us in your dua ( prayers ).”

The 29-year-old deceased has shared her family’s take on her divorce in her videos, stating that they told her if she left her husband, she would be letting the devil win, and they would not allow her to move back into her hometown after her divorce.

So it is clear that her family and her relatives were not supportive of her divorce, but the young lady was trying to get in control of her life and live her best life when the incident took her life.

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