What Happened To Billie In Resident Evil? Will She Be In Second Season Of The Show?


Resident Evil' Billie Played By Adeline Rudolph ( Source : Static1 )

In recent episodes of the Netflix series residential evil, Billie gets bitten by a T-virus-infected zombie dog, leading fans to wonder whether Billie dies or recovers to unfold other mysteries, as she is one of the prominent characters in the show. 

Resident Evil is widespread Netflix series based on the video game series of the same name by Capcorn; there is death everywhere as the world is turned into a dangerous wasteland where mindless cannibal Zeroes roam the land.

The series revolves around two timelines- 2036, where the world got to its knee, and another in the present year 2022, where an outbreak of the T virus is about to happen. Billie, one of the twin daughters of Lance Reddick's mysterious father and Umbrella Corporation scientist Albert Wesker was bitten by zombie dogs and became infected with the virus.

The world of Resident Evil desperately needs a cure, but no one has any idea how to find it. As the recent events unfold in the shoe, we discover that there might be hope for humanity.

What Happened To Billie In Resident Evil?

Siena Agudon plays the character of Billie; she is the daughter of the franchise's most prominent villains. With the help of her twin sister Jade, Billie uncovers Umbrella's dark secrets.

The twins exposed that the Umbrella Corporation had been hiding research on zombie viruses, including a cloning program hiding a clone of the twin's father named Bert. Billy was introduced in the opening episode of Netflix's Resident Evil, where she lives alongside her half-sister Jade in the 2022 period.

Netflix's Resident Evil Casts: Meet Jada Wesker and Billie Wesker
Netflix's Resident Evil Casts: Meet Jada Wesker and Billie Wesker ( Source : Denofgeek )

However, she was not seen anywhere in the first few episodes of the series as Jada fights to survive in the present day of the 2036 time period. Billy's fate is revealed in the first episode when she and her sister sneak into their father's workplace at Umbrella and are attacked by an injured zombie dog.

Did Billie Died After Zombie Bite?

During the Umbrella's infiltration in search of the institution's secrets, the twin had a rundown with a zombie dog. The twins fight the zombie dog; during the showdown, the dog manages to bite Billie, infecting her with the T virus.

Billie's companion during the infiltration, Jade, believes that the infection from the T virus is a death sentence. But Billie's fate in 2036 is left in the air when Baxter reveals to Jade that her sister has been looking for her.

The Zombie Dog That Infects Billie In Netflix adaptation of Resedent Evil
The Zombie Dog That Infects Billie In Netflix adaptation of Resedent Evil ( Source : Cdn )

After leaving Billies condition in mystery, the later episodes reveal that Billie's condition worsens. After three days of the bite, the infection turns her into the stray zeros causing her fever, violent fits, hallucinations and hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Who Played The Character Of Billie In Resident Evil? Siena Agudong Bio

Siena Nicole Agudong played the character of Billie in the Netflix adaptation of Resident Evil, released in 2022. The American actress, born on August 19, 2004, is best known for her role in the Nickelodeon series Star Falls, including the 2018 film Alex and Me.

Her parents, Karen and Kenneth, raised her in Wailua-a census-designated place in KauaĆ­ County, Hawai. There she attended King KaumualiĆ­ Elementary School and Island School and later switched to an online school to study for her acting career.

Agudong's first role in her acting career was in Willy Wonka at the Hawaii Children's Theatre when she was seven years old. She first appeared on television at 8 with a recurring role as Lulu Parker in Killer Women. She also had guest roles in Teachers and Sydney to the Max.

Her work has earned her several nominations, including Young Artist Award and Young Entertainer Award nominations since 2015.

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