What Happened At Ontario Mills? Shooting Update - Active Shooter Identified

Ontario Mills Mall is safe from active shooters ( Source : Ktla )

A group of active shooters feared Ontario Mills's neighbor on Saturday night. People around Ontario Mills called the police on the spot.

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, a police officer found false reports of an active shooter at Ontario Mills Mall on Saturday night. Officially reported that the active shooter situation at the Ontario Mills mall was not fact.

Mike Lorentz, the Ontario Police Chief, reported that everyone was safe in the mall. Lorenz informed people they had cleared the mall shortly after police registered the attack report.

What Happened At Ontario Mills? Shooting Update

Ontario Mills is now safe from the active shooter. 

According to the initial reports, some active shooters attacked Ontario Mills on Saturday night, according to officials. FOX 11 Los Angles published an article on July 30, 2022, at 7:59 p.m.

Police of Los Angeles found the report to be a false alarm. The Ontario Fire Department sent several units to the mall for civilians' protection. According to the report, some people were hiding in the mall for safety. 

Fire Department took action after they received several calls from people reporting they were sheltering in place. Although the incident was unfounded, some individuals were hiding in the mall. 

The Ontario Fire Department tweeted between 7:26 p.m and 7:32 p.m about the current condition of the mall. Previously, they reported the initial situation to be unconfirmed.

Various news media, including CBS Los Angeles and FOX11, covered the news.

Did Ontario Mills's Active Shooter Identify?

No, Ontario Mills's Active shooters are yet to identify.

The Fire Department found the condition false even though multiple people report it. Police stated there was no active shooter at the Ontario Mills mall on Saturday night despite reports to the contrary.

Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz tweeted at 7:41 p.m. that police secured the mall and found the reports of an active shooter unfounded. 

What prompted shoppers to call in to report hearing gunshots is unknown. In the end, police insisted that there was no evidence of shooting even though they had responded to a disturbance.

Reports Of Active Shooting At Ontario Mill Malls Are Making News

According to Daily Bulletin, fake shooting reports tortured Ontario Mills shopper on Saturday night.

Multiple people called the police to report the active shooting on Ontario Mill. Some of them said they were hiding in a mall.

However, the police neither found any shooter nor heard any shooting. They announced the mall to be clear after investigating and surveying the mall. The incident made headlines in every news article on Saturday news.

Fortunately, no one was hurt since there was no sign of a shooting. The Ontario Police Department (OPD) responded to a disturbance at the Ontario Mills mall and found no active shooter.

As per the report, Ontario Mills ruined the nights of several people as their relatives were stuck in the mall. Everyone was desperate to know the updates on the news. Police locked down the mall for some time.

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