What Ethnicity Is Mia Isaac? Details About Her Parents And Family Nationality

Between Don’t Make Me Go and Not Okay, Mia Isaac is having an incredible breakthrough year ( Source : Twitter )

People are curious to learn about the cast of the new streaming comedy movie Not Okay, Mia Isaac's ethnicity, and her family background.

Isaac is a film producer, actress, and writer. In 2021, the actress directed and wrote the short movie You Could Have Done Better. Also, The Cancel Club wrote by the artist.

Currently, Isaac appears in the comedy movie Not Okay as Rowan. Besides movies, she made an impression in the television series Black Cake as Covey in one episode. 

Mia Isaac's Ethnicity And Where Are Her Family From

Isaac's ethnicity is forthcoming. The actress was born to a supportive family, Alfredo and Simone Isaac. Also, she had two siblings named Nylan and Zion Isaac. However, she works on movies based in the United States. Her hometown is unknown.

In the movie, Don't Make Me Go, the actress played the role of the actor John Cho's daughter. The audience loves the relationship between father and daughter. John played the role of a single father to a teenage daughter with a fatal brain tumor. Isaac played the character of Wally Park, and Cho played the character of Max Park.

John Cho and Mia Isaac as father-daughter in Don’t Make Me Go ( Source : Twitter )

Additionally, Max takes her child on the road trip to find out about Wally's abandoned mother and tries to teach her daughter a life lesson. The actor has worked alongside Kaya Schodlario, Josh Thomson, Otis Dhanji, Mitchell Hope, Jen Van Epps, and more. 

On Instagram, Isaac shared the memories with her co-actor, Josh. After completing the movie, she pinned, 'my heart is so whole. Somehow we've made it through this crazy adventure of making a movie, and there is no group of people I'd rather do it with.'

The actress added that it hurts her to say goodbye to one of the most incredible experiences of her life. Also, she felt honored to be a part of such a beautiful story between the bond of father and daughter. 

Mia Isaac Biography And Her Wikipedia

Isaac is an actress who started her journey in the movie Lovestruck as Clarie in 2019. Her appearance in the film Don't Make Me Go is acknowledged by the viewers. Even her followers give a round of applause for her incredible acting. 

Further, Isaac played a strong character so honest and raw, which gives goosebumps after that speech and overall scenes in the movie. Cheesy road trip film shared great soundtracks and relatable father-daughter moments. 

Mia Isaac and John Cho are unbelievable in the film. Currently, the actress played a role in Not Okay, and her performance was too good. People mentioned it was a brilliant movie, the ending is pitch perfect, and Isaac delivers a fantastic performance in the show. 

Mia Isaac Husband: Is The Flim Director Married To Someone?

Isaac seemed single for the moment. So, she does not have a husband. The actress updates her movies and its character on her social page. Nonetheless, she has not shared about her love life.

Mia Isaac cast of the new streaming comedy movie Not Okay ( Source : Twitter )

Presently, Isaac may be concerned about her career development. She is a newcomer in the entertainment world and shares her incredible talent in her movies. Her appearance in the film Don't Make Me Go and Not Okay is loved by people.


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