Was Mary Beth Roe In A Accident - What Happened To Her? QVC Host Injury Details


QVC presenter, Mary Beth Roe from 2021 Christmas Specials ( Source : Instagram )

QVC presenter Mary Beth Roe has been showing up on our TV screens with a cast on her leg while on an EV Rider after an ankle injury.

She has been promoting the EV Rider on the QVC show as she has been using it to commute to work and get by after breaking her ankle on July 5.

Let us learn more about the TV presenter, her current injury and past injuries, and her family, including her loving husband and kids.

What Happened To Mary Beth Roe On QVC?

Mary Beth Roe announced on her Facebook that she broke her ankle right after Independence day on July 5. She explained in her post that she rolled her ankle while stepping into the garage.

The incident broke her ankle, making her take a few days' breaks from being on air. With a picture of her ankle in a cast, she wrote,

"I hope you all had a safe and wonderful day celebrating our Independence! I lost my Independence this morning after breaking my ankle! I rolled my ankle, stepping down into the garage. 😱 So, for me to be back on the air, it might take me a few more days."

Mary Beth Roe's injured ankle
Mary Beth Roe's injured ankle ( Source : Facebook )

Accident And Injury Details Of The QVC Presenter

Currently, Mary Beth Roe's ankle seems to heal as she appears in her show and is doing her best on her show with the help of her EV Rider.

Before her ankle injury, a few years ago in 2016, Beth was also a victim of a car accident as her car was hit by a drunk driver, leading to an accident involving four vehicles.

During her accident in 2016, she sustained some significant injuries, including a concussion and facial injuries, which resulted in her taking a three-month-long break from her shows.

After returning to the show, Roe revealed that her face was swollen badly during her accident. However, she is completely healed from injuries from her accident in 2016 and is recovering from her recent ankle injury.

Mary Beth Roe Husband

Mary Beth Roe is happily married to her husband, Mark Roe, who she married in 1983 on April 17 in a private ceremony. The couple met each other at church on Valentine's Day in 1982.

Mary Beth Roe and her husband, Mark celebrating his birthday
Mary Beth Roe and her husband, Mark celebrating his birthday ( Source : Facebook )

After dating for a year, they decided to tie the knot and become partners for life under oath from God, and they have been enjoying their married life since then.

Both the couple is Christians who are following their institution of marriage with no rumors of clashes in their marriage tearing them apart. The couple has four children in between them who all love each other and are close to each other.

Who Is Mary Beth Roe's Daughter?

God blessed Mary and her husband with three sons, but she and her husband decided to adopt a baby girl as their daughter 23 years ago.

Mary Beth Roe's adopted daughter, Elizabeth Roe
Mary Beth Roe's adopted daughter, Elizabeth Roe ( Source : Facebook )

They named their little daughter Elizabeth Roe, and Mary recently wished her daughter on her birthday in 2020, writing,

"Our daughter, Elizabeth, turns 21 this weekend! That baby girl who only weighed 5 lbs at birth is now a grown young woman with her whole life ahead of her! God bless her life! Love you, Sweetie! Mom & Dad"

Mark and Mary raised Elizabeth alongside their three sons, Eric Roe, Ryan Roe, and Cory Roe. All four of their children turned out great, who all love and care for their family.

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