Talyn Talks and Hotbishtish Tiktok Drama Explained As Assault & Groping Allegations Make News


Hotbishtish is a Tiktoker ( Source : Urlebird )

Talyn Talks and Hotbishtish are trending online after a video of them was released online. In addition, people have been discussing the matter on Reddit. 

The recent Tiktok drama between Talyn Talks and Hotbishtish is the talk of the town. Both of the ladies are devastated to learn about the issue online. However, it seemed to have resolved as they both uploaded the video sharing their side of the story. 

Talyn Talks and Hotbishtish Tiktok Drama Explained

A video of Talyn Talks and Hotbishtish emerged online. The clip was from a Yacht party that both ladies had attended. In fact, all the women were celebrating Hotbishtish's birthday. 

In the clip, some netizens noticed something weird happening. The original video was zoomed in and posted online, indicating something had happened. 

The footage that appeared on social media showed that Tish suddenly lied on her chest at the edge of the boat, and Talyn touched her on her bottom. As soon as she did that, another lady in the group pulled away Talyn. 

This caused an uproar on the internet, where people claimed that Talyn inappropriately touched Tish. The edited video was viral within hours when it reached Tish; she immediately had PTSD and panicked. 

She later said she had been drinking a lot that day and did not remember much. But, seeing the video, she felt she was touched without consent. She said she had not fallen and rather lay down alone because she felt sick after drinking too much.

With this, many people started to accuse Talyn of sexually assaulting her friend. Thus, this issue has turned into a big drama at present. 

Reddit Discussion About Talyn Talks Grooming Allegations

Talyn talks face grooming allegations from cyberians after a video of her touching Tish's bottom was released online. People on Reddit have been discussing the matter for some time now.

While the issue had created a huge mess on social media, both sides involved in the drama have clarified that matter. Talyn posted a video on Tiktok claiming how she was wrongly accused of things she never did. She said she was trying to help Tish, who she thought was drunk and fell. 


To Talyn, this was not fair and i apolgize that it was ever brought this far

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However, how the video was edited and posted online made her look like a predator. This also made Tish, who had hardly any memory of that day, think she was a victim. 

However, Tish also found the full video of that day and apologized to Talyn, who got dragged in this matter. She added that if she had received the full clip beforehand, she and Talyn would not have had to go through this mess. 

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